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Triumph after disaster.

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Last Saturday i did my first 10km and as you can imagine I was elated.

I've done 3 runs a week religously since starting c25k. Always completing what i set out to do, however loud the gremlins got.

The second run of this week, which I always make a 5km was the first time I've ever given in to the gremlins, I did not have the energy to block out the voice telling me to stop, so I stopped. At 1.5km. I was absolutely gutted. Felt like such a failure. Had my rest day, still beating myself up, but woke up yesterday and decided not to run, but gave myself the day to be kind myself with a view to getting my 5km this morning.

Woke up this morning, told myself I totally could do this, it helped that it's bucketing down, I love a rainy run. Felt amazing as soon as I set off and knew I could maybe manage 10km. Got to the point where i had to make a decision as to turn left for the 5km loop or head straight on for the 10km loop, heard a little voice telling me to turn left, told it to get lost and went straight on. Smashed it! 8 minutes quicker than last week.

Mental note to self that a disaster run is ok. Somedays just arent made for running and that is ok. Pick yourself up, tell the gremlins that they win this time, but they'll not get you the next. 😎

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Hi ,I can so identify with this post. Last Sunday I did a modest 5k with legs that felt like lumps of lead, was pleased to have done it but felt weary. I then went on to develop a really grotty head cold which covered my 3 busiest days at work 😩. Didn’t run all week so missed the lovely unexpectedly mild weather so was determined to get out today,in the rain,😬🌧 with no clear plan just to see where it took me. Just like you near 5 k quick decision to either go home or keep going ,so kept going . Did a 10k in my best time and so enjoyed it regardless of the wet . These runs that evolve themselves are great ,such a relief that I can still do it πŸ˜πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

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Great job! Kicked those gremlins firmly into touch. What a way to start the day, winner :D

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Great job, well done it’s a brilliant feeling when you keep running past the gremlins telling you to stop πŸ’ͺ

How strange trixabelle. I had a bad run yesterday where I stopped 3 times. I felt so depressed afterwards even though I did 5km. I think I’m a bit plan less after my first 10km last week. Do you have a plan ? Well done on a second 10km. And a good time too πŸ‘

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Thank you, I'm pretty chuffed, ran pretty much the whole thing ay my 5km pace.

Don't beat yourself up about yesterday. I know out feels shit, but they can't all be good runs I guess.

I'm pretty planless at the mo. Which is a bit scary because i thrive on structure, but I don't want to run further than 10km (although the temptation to train for a half marathon is getting stronger).

So for the moment my plan is just to keep running 3 times a week. Run 1 being 2/3km. Run 2 a 5km. And run 3 an unplanned longer run, see where my legs take me. I do want to get quicker, so that can be my goal.

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Oh thanks. I don't want to run much more than 10km either so I might adopt your plan :) i don't want to run 10km every week either. So I plan on a 4km (with intervals) and a 5km per week - both of which i can do at lunchtime I hope. And then a longer run at weekends. Maybe a 10km once a month? I'll be keeping an eye on you !

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Yes I'm deffo going to aim for at least one 10km a month.

I have been doing some virtual races to get a medal once a month. That is keeping me motivated. I've always wanted to collect something, but never knew what to collect. Medals it is!

Let me know how you get on.

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Ever try a real life race? I do like running solo but I run much faster in a race ! I enjoy the buzz too

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I've only ever ran once with other people. That was a park run 3 weeks ago. I ran my 2nd quickest 5km. But I much prefer solo running. Got a race on Saturday this week though. A 5km wine run 🀣 and I've signed up to do an 8km Santa run at Sudely castle in December.

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Your "disaster" was not really surprising. You'd have been off the pace both physically (adrenalin-fuelled first 10k still in your legs) and psychologically (10k goal achieved, next run - just (!) 5k - therefore an anti-climax). And the real achievement is you then used the "disaster" to motivate yourself to beat the gremlins and produce a fantastic run a couple of days later. So well done for the initial 5k, and perhaps even more so for the bounceback :-)

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