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Famous Names Playlist Kept Me Going

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I need to say thank you to Jancanrun who earlier this week posted the tracks for a famous names playlist. I was planning a long run today and having got rather too used to my current assortment of playlists managed to organise myself yesterday to put most of the tracks into a new playlist on Deezer.

To be honest, I’m not sure what is wrong with me as I seem to be too organised. I got my kit on in record timing, I wonder if I can claim that as a PB. Mr Razouski then reminded me that he had the dentist so wouldn’t be able to save me from the long walk home (up the meanest of all hills) He sensibly suggested I drive myself to the bottom of it to ensure that the thought of walking home up it didn’t put me off my run.

So that’s just what I did. And soon I was running along the cycle path from Luton to Harpenden and beyond. The playlist certainly helped, with some forgotten tracks, such as Mika’s Grace Kelly and a couple of new ones such as Geronimo.

My training plan had me scheduled for a two hour run, and bits of it were tough, others fairly uneventful, but I managed to keep going for the full 2 hours, and then managed to find just a little more energy to get to the next whole km.

Distance: 21km

Time: 2 hours 2minutes 42 seconds

I think I may be ready for my first half marathon event n two weeks if my calves ever stop aching.

Now to relax my aching legs and start tapering before the big day.

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Dexy5 profile image

Wow. How brilliant you are at this running lark. I cannot imagine running twice as long as I currently do.

Razouski profile image
Razouski in reply to Dexy5

To be honest I found it hard to comprehend, but I did it. 😀

misswobble profile image

Taper is delicious. Fill ya boots. Cue some food music and mellow out 😃

Razouski profile image
Razouski in reply to misswobble

I'm guessing I just have to take it real easy for the next two weeks, and have only shortish runs on my schedule and not too much leg work in the gym. My "Coach" says I need to eat cake and he was happy to help me with this side of my training, so this morning I made brownies and lemon cake and we've just had a good session talking tactics (and eating cake). ;-)

Yes just Brillant.

That is amazing running.💥🏃‍♀️💥☄️👏👏

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Razouski in reply to Tbae

Thanks Tbae , I was really surprised by the time as my goal for the half marathon event I'm doing is 2 hours 20mins.

Tbae profile image
Tbae in reply to Razouski

I will not be surprised if you go sub two hours.

Steady now and every good wish.💥🏃‍♀️💥☄️👏👏

O505k profile image

Really impressive, well done.

Razouski profile image
Razouski in reply to O505k

Thank you O505k , I was pretty chuffed.

Dizzysmum17 profile image

Wow 😯 amazing! Well done 💥

Razouski profile image
Razouski in reply to Dizzysmum17

Thanks Dizzysmum17 . My legs weren't too happy with me yesterday afternoon and evening though.

Saartjie profile image

Wow! That's amazing...Well done. You are definitely ready for you HM 🙌🏼🏃‍♀️👍🏻

Razouski profile image
Razouski in reply to Saartjie

Yep, I think I am, though I am starting to get quite nervous about al the logistics.

That is amazing, and a great pace too. Enjoy the tapering- You've got this!

Razouski profile image
Razouski in reply to helenwheels

Thanks helenwheels , next I need to do some Geography homework to work out how I get to Dorney and where we're going to be parking etc. Scary..!

Irishprincess profile image

That's a brilliant pace! You're so ready for the HM, just enjoy it all 🤗

I use to live in St Albans so I know Harpenden. Some nice routes there.

Thank you. I was running along the cycle path which is fairly straight but has a few twists and some undulations, plus some lovely tree lined parts and countryside to keep me interested. However I've run this track so many times now I'm getting a little overfamiliar. I need to check out some other routes for after my HM.

FlickM3 profile image

Wow, that's a brilliant time.

Jancanrun profile image

Blimey lady - that is a cracking pace... speedy Gonzales for sure. Well done you XX

Razouski profile image
Razouski in reply to Jancanrun

I was a bit shocked myself! I've since had two rest days and today did a gentle little 7.5km with Mr R. alongside on his bike. Now I just need to work on the weather. ;-)

Looking forward to part two of the Famous Names playlist for some inspiration - although eclectic sound a bit intriguing.

Jancanrun profile image
JancanrunGraduate10 in reply to Razouski

Yes eclectic covers it, I’m still working out exactly which of them I like... 7.5 km sounds a happy distance and just seen the weather is supposedly improving before the storms come .

Mummycav profile image

Whoop whoop!!! You will be fabulous Razouski i have no doubt in my mind!!!! Taper away!! X

Razouski profile image
Razouski in reply to Mummycav

Thank you Mummycav, I am hoping that I will be OK, as organised events are not really my thing. Now just got to sort out all the logistics of getting there etc.

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