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Week 5 Run2 - 8k done


Lovely weather again – what a day for a run!

I decided to take my learning from Thursday into today's effort – not worry about pace at all, take it nice and steady. So I set off and ran and there's very little to report other than seeing a squirrel scamper across the path in front of me and enjoying the birds in the trees singing. My 5k split surprised me – just over 32 minutes sounded a bit fast for an 8k! The last 2k felt a bit harder but when I looked at my splits afterwards, they were my quickest. I remember thinking it would be ok to slow down if I had to but I'm surprised I went faster.

So 8k completed in 50' 56" at 6' 21" per k. Next up is the 5k to complete week 5. Looking at my schedule it won't be 'til Wednesday so I'll have to do plenty of core exercises and walking in between. Happy running!

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Very fast. Well Done! I love seeing a squirrel run across my path. Such a nice time of year for running.

FlyingredGraduate10 in reply to paulanoo

Thanks for your kind words. I'm either running too fast for 8-10k or I should be going faster over 5k! :) I enjoyed today's run because I felt relaxed pretty much all the way round.


Well done you that’s speedy running ! It must be the day for squirrel spotting , I saw 3 although one was being stalked by a cat in the schoolyard so I had to look away 🙈🐿🐈. Steady running is definitely my favourite ,I don’t think I will be managing your kind of speeds anytime soon.Enjoy your 5k.

FlyingredGraduate10 in reply to Bry64

Thank you! It’s the first time I’ve seen a squirrel on that run. I don’t think speed is important. What matters is working your heart/lungs at the right rate.


Well done Flyingred, just the easy run to go for you this week. I did a parkrun 5k as my W6 R1 this morning - such a lovely day.

FlyingredGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

Thank you Dexy. Yes, 5k feels easy now. (I didn’t think I would be writing that back inAugust before I graduated C25K! Still to dip my toe in parkrun. I don’t really like being in crowds.

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