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The other way

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After a few weeks of post C25K graduation running I’ve got used to running out in the wild and haven’t been back on the treadmill since.

Sticking with the canal towpath I’ve mainly been doing 5K runs but the temptation to see what’s round the corner on one occasion lead me to a 7K! Being a plodder it’s the distance that I’d like to work on, speed can come later.

So with that in mind and needing to put a bit of structure back into my runs I decided to step up onto the bridge and begin the journey to 10K.

First run of the week and I decided to go the opposite way up the canal to my normal route. Some lovely houses along this route, would love to have a canal side deck at the bottom of my garden!

Another KM further and I find myself under a viaduct, the road deck of the M25 towers above me. This giant bridge, it’s concrete supports like the flying buttresses of a modern day cathedral disappear into the distance. Is this a physical metaphor for the challenge ahead?

The towpath got a bit gnarly for the next couple of KM’s but the change of scenery must have done some good as by the time I’d finished the 5.5K I got my 5K PB a somewhat pleasing 37:37 🙂

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Lovely picture. Welcome to the bridge Spannerz - there’s a few of us at various stages on juju’s magic plan. I’ve just completed W3. There are also lots of people who can give sound advice along the way. So good luck and keep letting us know how you are getting on.

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Spannerz20 in reply to Dexy5

Thanks Dexy5, I’ll try to keep you updated as I plod along behind you!

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I did my couch to 5K on nice flat trails in the countryside however since graduating I've been running from home around town and the park and found I really love it. There are lots of distractions and I love looking at the beautiful place I live! It seems to help time pass. I've also gradually increased distance. It does feel more about getting out there and enjoying the outdoors however long it takes :-) Happy running!

I’ve discovered some awesome places I just would never have seen if it wasn’t for starting running 🏃‍♂️

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Love this, and your approach to running, it’s great. Beautiful pic too....

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Spannerz20 in reply to ju-ju-

Thanks Ju-Ju, I’m looking forward to ticking of the weeks towards the magic 10!

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Well done 😃. Running and exploring are fun! You forget you’re running sometimes.

It’s great fun exploring and such a good distraction whilst building up the distance

Lovely photo, enjoy your running and welcome to the Bridge.

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Spannerz20 in reply to Razouski

Thanks Razouski, pleased to be here 🙂

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