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10 is the magic number catch-up, running in the dark, rain and strava issues

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Hello, I haven't posted for a while as I was ill so couldn't run for 2 weeks, I had fully intended to start the current 10 is the magic number, did 2 runs in week 1 then found myself in A&E with an abscess.

I am now back on week 2. I did 5K on Saturday and the short run last night, except strava stopped part way through so I guessed how far I had run and ended up doing 3.5 instead of 3K. I'll do 6K for the next run anyway.

Last night was the first time I have run in the dark, so I had to take a new route with better lighting so I took the opportunity to plan a route with some hills to get the calves working and the heart-rate up. It was lashing it down but I really enjoyed it - used the jogrunsprint app to get some intervals in and then jogged a bit at the end. I'm no speedster but it is nice to have the illusion of actual running even if it is only for very short bursts.

Good to be back running again & hope to do a parkrun again on Saturday

8 Replies
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I am so glad you are are better Jeffbird, well done on the run, it sounds super....

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Glad to hear you are better again Jeff. I’m on week 3 so not far in front of you on the magic plan. I haven’t run in the dark or the rain yet not it sounds like you found it exhilarating. I’ll be parkrunning too. Where is your run?

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jeffbirdGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

I've run in the rain a few times, here in Belfast it rains quite a lot, I actually really like running in the rain. Dark as new and I hadn't run along the streets before either, so there was lots of novelty

I'll probably go to Stormont again as it's a lovely setting, although there is a new Belfast parkrun that looks good too. I love the parkruns, such a great supportive atmosphere.

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Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to jeffbird

Me too. I’m running in Southsea and then sorting tokens this week so I get another volunteer point. I don’t know if I’ll get my 25 volunteers shirt before my 50 runs shirt, but while I’m on juju’s plan parkrun is my 5k run.

Sorry to hear about the trip to A&E but glad you are back running now.

I use a Garmin to track my runs and it sends them to Strava after, so I haven’t experienced it stopping, but I’ve heard it does that sometimes. Mind you, mynwatch has lost satellite contact (though only twice in nearly a year of running) , once when it dropped off at the start and never picked up again, and once recently when it robbed me of 1k at the beginning of a run.

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jeffbirdGraduate10 in reply to

yes that's it exactly, it flipping robbed me!

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Sounds perfect jeffbird , do whatever suits you...sorry to hear about you A&E visit, hope alls well now? I love running in the rain & when it’s dark I like to put a torch in my hair that shines different coloured lights intermittently, like a little disco of my own!!!

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your disco lights sound brilliant! all well now thanks

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