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Beta blockers


Have any of you ran while on Beta Blockers?

I was put on them last week to control the headaches I’ve had since my recent stroke. I’ve just taken the youngest over for football training on the common and I’m now flaked out under a tree after a 6.5k run that was supposed to be a relaxing trot while I waited.

The tablets are keeping my heart rate below 129 but mostly 122-125. I was trying to run but it was like only having one gear.

Do I have to make a choice between the beta blockers and the running?

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A side effect of B/Blockers is fatigue so you may just have to slow your pace to compensate for this. Hope the head aches improves some people find them great. I tried them for migraines but they dropped my pulse and BP down too low which made me feel a bit weird 😀

Have fun and enjoy the programme xx

Cliff_HGraduate10 in reply to amanda2463

Thanks Amanda. I hope you fixed the migraines, it’s all about the headaches here as well, had a headache for nearly 4 months day and night after the brain grenade. Acupuncture really helped but still get some absolute crackers.

Hi Cliff,

Not a medic.What is your GP’s advice.🤔

Running without exertion is probably the best thing you can do for your health.

You know your body best and if you are tired and not energised then ease up.Do not over-exert and push yourself. Do what you can and rebuild and strengthen slowly.

We are all different, but if it helps I am 75, had an macro aneurysm 27 years ago and lost my right eye central vision.Been on clopidogrel anti platelet to avoid strokes.Have had a TIA since with no lasting damage and before taking some responsibility for my own health in the past 4-5 years.

Finally got running this year and my health has just got better in every way.I am stronger, lighter, brighter mood and nothing on earth is going to prevent me running.

I do not use heart monitoring anything , just my own self assessment understanding of 1-10 Borg number.0- is couch, 10- is flat out.

Peace of mind is everything for you and get the reassurance from your GP.

Personally if any GP advised me to stop running I would have too many questions that a 5 min consultation would accommodate.

Atb Cliff and take good care of you.💥🏃‍♂️💥


Clopidogrel and Rampiril here as well, the Clopidogrel since the stroke. The beta blockers are purely for headaches so not really contributing to stroke prevention as mine was a Vertebral Artery Dissction so the artery into he brain that collapsed has gone forever... the fitness gained through running did save my life, the doctors and neurologists were all pretty unequivocal about that so I’d be loathe to stop.

I pooped in and had a really long chat with the pharmacist who was actually really helpful, he basically said I’m going to hit the wall really early and not push through it so need to tail right back and do less and more often... might just go for the nerve block injections and come off of the beta blockers which was the neurologists plan B.

Tbae in reply to Cliff_H

Gosh Cliff sounds like you are in great hands.

What a trooper you are.Serious stuff for you but inspiritational to others.

For some reason talking about little and often I completed 27 days of daily running. One week was the marathon distance divided by 14, so 2x3kruns per day.Found no physical problems.I intend to do 3 weeks x 42k + 22k easy week with strength tests and 10K readiness.Scale and reasonable build up is key.🤔

Intend to resume/ repeat this.

Not advising , I am a novice, but the concept perhaps may be of interest.Little and often. 1k/2k per run.🤔 10-12 hours apart.🤔

Atb Cliff. 💥🏃‍♂️💥


Good luck Cliff, I hope you work it out, and find a way to run slowly enough to work with the lower pulse rate.❤️

I’ve never had beta blockers, but my pacemakers provide all my pulse, and I know how tough it feels to keep moving at all when they don’t get my pulse high enough during exercise. ❤️

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