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Beaten by the heat finally

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So I have been managing to get out in the heat, it's certainly not as extreme in the North East as in other parts of the country but today it beat me.

At 5pm it was 27 degrees and I was talked out of doing a 5k my my good lady wife, rightly so.

Please running friends take care in the heat and put off that run if you need to.

Run happy, run safe.

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Just listen to your body. Apparently we're getting thunderstorms tomorrow and it's going to be cooler on Saturday.

I predict a torrent of runners on Saturday no matter where we go!


Yes me too... one 5k only this week, just might try again tomorrow morning, will see what's it's like at 6am


Your good lady wife is very sensible! I managed a 4K sweat through the woods at 6am this morning - even then it was 21 degrees in London, and as humid as all get out! Reached 33 degrees this afternoon! Madness. I am longing for cooler temps, I am missing my long runs. πŸ˜•


I did 8km yesterday. I thought it was 20 degrees when I got back, but my Garmin insists it was 27 for part of the run (I'm not sure if it was briefly dipping into Fahrenheit with that! - no, can't have been, that would make it -2). It was certainly humid. I was fresh and energised and had more Ks in my legs and lungs. The difference to my previous two longer than 5k heat runs when I nearly passed out when I stopped? I took my hydration backpack filled with water and electrolytes and drank from it throughout the run. I cannot believe what a difference it made. Hydration is certainly the key to summer running and replacing lost salts and minerals even more so.

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I’d run out of those tabs so used good old sea salt and a squirt of orange juice I did a slow 8k too. It was ok actually πŸ™‚

Off out running now, after the rain. Just walked the pug but it’s still hot out there. Just a five km to do today,thankfully


Sound advice Chris... it is phewwwwwww weather :)

I haven't ran this week. Going out tomorrow. The heat is also playing a havoc with sleep. 8am and 27 degrees in our flat ;(


Yes ChrisAllen, I was glad it was my rest day yesterday. All the forecast storms have completely passed us by without a drop of rain, but it felt so tropical.

Saturday Parkrun could be fun with 45mph winds pushing us to the halfway point and then pushing us backwards. Not a day for PBs methinks.


I did a run in it but very slowly. I took my drink and stopped for a pause to take a photo. No pressure, just slow jogging. post run I walked another km back to the car, mopping myself with my giant hankie 😁

I was on the trail, keeping in towards the hedges and tree line Quite a few cyclists out. I noticed one wearing a mesh-faced buff under his cycling helmet I could have done with one πŸ™„πŸ˜


Yeah. It has been very early morning around 6am or very later evening after 9pm for me. As others say, the body knows better. I just walk the route if my body don't feel like running. I do this in any weather by the way.

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