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Heavy legs


Today was my first unsuccessful run, but that’s okay. And to be honest I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner.

I set out to do 5k, but after a week of walking some very steep hills and steps with my dad, a 10k on Thursday, a very nice Indian meal (with perhaps too much wine) last night, sunburn from walking along the coast with my mum and not drinking enough water... today I had really heavy legs.

I still ran when I could muster up the energy then when I became too uncomfortable I walked.

Surprisingly, I still managed 7.9k in an hour, approx 5k running, and despite not being able to run the whole time I still enjoyed it.

So, lesson learned! I’m going to have a rest day tomorrow and will go out better hydrated, having had more sleep and less food on Monday morning.

Happy running everyone 😃

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That sounds really really tough but that’s still a great pace. Have a good rest and hope you enjoy it more next time.

Thank you!


Sounds like you had a good training session Runninginsingapore, and you know the reasons you found that run tough...

Hope your Monday run is a good one!😊x


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