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Tight calves

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I have been desperately trying to follow jujus 5-10k plan but am suddenly having tight/ painful calves this starts during run and continues until after stretch and hot bath. Calves are then tender for a few days after. I’ve been wearing a gel heel insert in my trainers for heel pain/ plantar Fasciitis for a couple of months. My trainers are fairly old - I’m thinking 7years maybe? They’ve seen me graduate c25k alright though.

Question I’m asking I guess is could it be the trainers causing tight calves during/ after my run? It’s so frustrating because I just want to run! I frequently end up walking home. 😩

I’m hoping to go and get my gait analysed this weekend.

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Mmmm. You could just be due some new running shoes, by the sounds of it! You haven’t also just started running up hills, have you? You could also try investing in a massage wand to roll your legs with after a run - or better still, get a lovely deep tissue massage, they work wonders on tight calf muscles.

Be careful with tight calves. I had that when I started tackling hills, and that then turned into a strain in one of my calves. 🙁 Took ages to heal.

Sorry to hear you are suffering with this; I know how frustrating it is.

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Yikes, 7 YEARS!?!? They say 12 to 18 months or 3 to 500 miles in running shoes. Please tell me you are going to get some properly fitted new ones 😳 You one it to yourself not to risk some nasty injuries now you’re running further. meanwhile, as Sadie says, use a roller or roller wand. They are very cheap and will get rid of the knots and soreness.

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Hello Spinno, I started getting niggles in my calves post grad, and ended up on the injury couch. The physio gave me exercises to do to strengthen my lower calves on my rest days. There are some exercises on the nhs wesite. Maybe take a few days off running too

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Argh! I feel your frustration so very much!

I decided that the second time I had to hang on to the walls to get downstairs in the morning the day after a run and even with good warm-ups and cool downs, rollering , self massage and new shoes it was time to rest calves and shins, proper rest ( gardening only, little bit of cycling)

It's so maddening having got to week four of the JuJu plan and got a PB of 34 minute 5k. The first time this happened I 'ran through' the discomfort but of course paid for it massively. My Pilates teacher who is also a runner has advised I prepare as normal , put on the kit and walk my runs this week which feels like a good idea. So that will amount to two whole weeks of not running. I hope so so much this works.

Patience running friend, I guess things will get better but only time will do it I reckon. Wishing you well.

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your replies. I went for gait analysis yesterday and have come away with some very lovely new trainers. The ones I was wearing were too supportive it seemed and the lady in the shop seemed to think it could be causing my legs to compsensate and run differently - thus causing heel pain and tight calves.

Had 5 days rest this week and then went out last night. 4 easy km at a slow and steady pace. The tight calves returned but after 2km they has eased right off, lots of stretching at home and this morning they’re feeling ok.

I’m going to continue to take it easy and build back up to 5km slowly in this heat and then see how I get on. It’s so hard to take it easy when you find something that gives you so much more than exercise isn’t it!

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