tight calf muscles

Hello I'm looking for a some advice on tight calf muscles. Becoming tighter over a number of months. I am now looking to increase my magnesium intake through spinich , and am looking to do more stretching exercises such as stretching the muscles on the strairs...looking for any additional advice to relieve this problem. Yesterday it really hurt after my run so put on ice and elevated and have a compression sock. left legs tends to be worse than right. 

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  • I have had this problem - and have tried just about everything I have read about without a lot of success.  EXCEPT - that I did read that tight calves can come about from overuse of the calf muscles and this can come about from landing/running too much on the forefoot. So I have consciously been trying to land more "mid foot".  I have also taken to wearing compression stockings like these ecx.images-amazon.com/image...  The ones I have been wearing are cheapies from a department store - usually found in the "travel" wares section. Since  I have started wearing these regularly, I do seem to not be having my calves problem  

  • Have a look at foam rolling exercises too. R

  • Another vote for foam rolling. Little and often.

  • It's about leg strengthening.  Foam rolling helps with inflammation once you have calf pain but the underlying thing needs addressing. My our legs have to be strong to support your running.  Have you got a bike?   Do the calf exercises ever day  but do them properly.  Foot lifts, ankle drops and calf lifts.  I combine calf lift with the ankle drop.  You do 1 minute each leg and go very slowly up, far as you can then very,  very slowly back down, making sure to get the stretch at the bottom   you have to do them diligently.  

    I had to change the way i ran!  Changed my shoe for a lower drop to discourage me running on my toes and forefoot, to a flatter style of running.  It took a bit to get used to it but it seems normal now. The lower shoe helps with that.  I picked a 4mm one

    I hope you can get it sorted ☺

  • I tend to get calf cramps rather than calf tightness, but I think it may be the same? I'd recommend looking at eccentric heel drops - exercises - and high 5 zero tablets - they have them in running/cycling shops and help with magnesium/potassium levels etc. Also try sunflower seeds and bananas - preferably combined in cake form :)

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