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Asics Gel Fujirado trail shoes:

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Mods, please remove the post if it's inappropriate, but I'm not selling.

Would anyone within driving distance of Chipping Norton like a women's pair of these in size 8, worn 3 times, no foot odour. These are fantastic shoes, light weight and fast both on and off road and with a proper rock plate to protect your feet, plus studs facing both backwards and forwards to aid grip up and downhill, and they have the Boa ratchet lacing system so you don't have to tie laces. I would have kept them but I bought online untried and they are a half size too small and have given me a black toenail on longer runs. I take 7-7.5 in everyday shoes.

They are selling for so little on eBay that it's not worth my while to either sell or post them, so if you want to come and pick them up, they are yours. If you want them, PM me to arrange. I'm not an axe murderer and am happy to meet publicly to hand them over, and I don't want anything for them.

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Looks like a juicy offer to me! Where's the photo? :)

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FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to roseabi

photo and link added :)

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