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Running route planner


Can someone please help me. I'm looking for an App or website that would plan a running route for whatever distance I input

Can anyone point me in the right direction please

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I have got an app- OS Maps. It did cost a little bit but I use it for planning walks too. Easy to use. I'm sure there are free apps too but I like his one as it uses the proper OS Maps.


I use Strava route builder but only works on the pc, not on the app. Might look at OS maps - Strava is a bit hit and miss when looking for trails.


OS Maps has been accurate when I've used it. Easy to use and good maps!

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I have just started using the route planner on Strava, I don't think you can specify a distance but you can plot routes and it updates distance and elevation as you go, that might only be available on the premium (paid for) version


No, it’s on the free version too 😊


I used the website walkjogrun.co.uk to find routes of varying distance. Interested to hear what folks recommend now.


gb.mapometer.com seems to be ok, only used it a couple times so far.

You plan where you want to go and it tells you the distance rather that it planning you a route, but if it’s really as much like Walkjogrun as it seems, you should be able to use the search function to look for routes other have created and saved and find one the distance you want.


I use the route creator in Mapmyrun. You can switch off 'auto follow roads' to plot a route on trails - it knows about some but definitely not all. You can also switch on elevation so you can see that aspect too. Sounds very much like the strava feature described above.


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