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Easiest 10K so far

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After hurting my foot, probably due to doing 6 x 10Ks in two weeks I had a couple of weeks off and decided to start gently again last week, wise limiting myself to three 5Ks in a week, but trying to increse the pace.

It was tough but on Friday I managed a 5K PB in 22m 57s.

Today I couldn't face a fast run and wanted to try a 10K again and had my best/most comfortable so far with a slower pace of 5:03 per KM but kept going for almost 13K (1hr 5m in total). Lovely weather, good music and a comfortable steady run. Feels like I have really benefited from pushing myself in the 5Ks and then taking it easy in this longer run. I think that will be my plan for the next few weeks :-)

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