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Really struggling, advice please


After some advice please. I'm really struggling with running at the moment, keep stopping and taking walk breaks, then I'm usually okay after the first 2 miles, which at my slow pace takes a while!

I was hoping it's just the weather, but really struggled again tonight. I do seem to be worrying about pace and really trying not to.

Any advice very much appreciated as its really starting to worry me now. 3 weeks ago I ran my first 10k (with one walk break) and that now seems like a fluke

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I’ve joined a running club. That’s helped. We did 10k today but stopped to group several times. I got a better pace doing that. Do you do the ParkRun? Where are you? I need running buddies too 😳

SlinkyminkyGraduate10 in reply to Tasha99

Hi Tasha

Yes I run one run of the week with my running club and that helps as there's different paced groups and some of the faster ones loop back. But it's also started bothering me that I'm so slow there. 😣 It they do encourage me and push me when I need it.

I've done parkrun twice, first time I really didn't enjoy it and second time was last Saturday when I bettered my first time by 20 secs 😅 During parkrun I walked the hill part (think I'm giving in to the gremlins) 😣

I'm in Shropshire, whereabouts are you?

Tasha99Graduate10 in reply to Slinkyminky

Oh boo I’m way up north in Middlesbrough!

I’d say to persevere. Like I say, I felt the same for a while but I’ve had fun tonight sad it’s got me back on track. Hope you feel better soon 😔


I hope so too! I do remind myself how far I've come but I really want to get back on track soon 😳


Just relax... great to see you back here:)

Take it steady and try not to overthink :)

Try to get a pattern going maybe... For my three runs...I usually do a short run... 3/4 K.. always a 5K and then a longer run.. usually on Sunday!

I am a tad out of pattern now because I am doing a HM plan... is still basically the same...

Think too about repeating the 10K.. with maybe ju-ju- 's plan. Many of us have done it more than once. Just to reaffirm what we can do :) Her plan is wonderful.. and such fun too:)

You are going to be just fine... just relax and run... :)

Not too far from you... Staffordshire:)


Thanks Oldfloss. Have still been around, just not posting as much.

I think you're right, I need to stop overthinking it and just go for a run.

I normally do 5k with running club, a shorter run during the week and then a longer run on a Saturday. It always seems to be the shorter run I struggle with the most 😔

It was juju's plan I followed, maybe I should repeat it and do it again, I do seem to be better with a plan to follow

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Slinkyminky

It is fun..I have used it twice and Bluebirdrunner has gives you a focus..I have also started putting in a short, 1K or on rest days..keeps me honed up...but plenty of strength and stamina exercise in there too 😉

I've been the same for a few weeks. Think it's partly psychological because I know I can go non stop but can't beat the gremlins and just have to stop and walk. Instead I've started treating the first 2-3k as an extended warm up. Once I've done that I find the rhythm and can then plod on for a while!

SlinkyminkyGraduate10 in reply to Nictwit

Glad to know it's not just me. So frustrating isn't it?!

I find after the first 2 miles (which seem to be a combination of walking and running) I then get into a good pace and can plod on just fine 😳

Maybe I need to look at it as an extended warm up too when it happens again, maybe it wouldn't make me feel so bad

I wonder if you’re thinking about it too much and allowing those pesky gremlins into your head. Or maybe it’s an extended toxic ten. I still find the first ten minutes much more of an effort than the rest of a run, and for some reason it’s harder on shorter runs.

Hope you find a way to conquer the gremlins. 🙂

SlinkyminkyGraduate10 in reply to Razouski

I'm beginning to think it's both 😣 I think toxic ten has become my toxic twenty! And I'm definitely letting the gremlins win 😒

I too definitely find shorter runs much harder. I'm glad it's not just me

I seriously need to tell the gremlins to do one!

I am a novice and slow.So my runs are minimum 45mins and usually 90minutes.

I get the overthinking bit out of the way by treating it like just another brisk walk and we have been walking all our lives.👍But we were born to run and maybe some people never.I almost joined that group.🙈

I was pleased to see on BBC, Trust me I am a Doctor,that with a good Running form this is kinder on your body than brisk walking.

Medical and scientific facts.👍

I find now at nearly 75 that my inertia is a factor, so I never let myself stop during a run, even if I have to run on the spot,the expended energy required to get me going again and get comfortable is not enjoyment for me.🤔

Of course, never run through physical pain, but no stopping for me, it does not work for me.

I just have to manage stuff better, to always get the amazing benefits and sheer pleasure.

Great advice on here.

You will find your way again.👏👏Never forget your magical lessons of C25k and 10 the magic number plan.🌟🌟

Small steps and slow and steady,is an enduring lesson and a solid base for life and everyone’s comfort place/rehab place/restart place/refuge place.

The Real core / heart for us runners.

Run because we can.

Take care of you.🌟👏👏

SlinkyminkyGraduate10 in reply to Tbae

Thanks Tbae

I'm also very slowly and it's started to really bother me lately. That may be why runs have not been good, because I'm beating myself up about being slow. Think I just need to run next time and hopefully it will be better.

I used to be the same, hated stopping as it wasn't harder to get back in to it, for some reason now I walk for a bit (giving in to gremlins I think!)

Tbae in reply to Slinkyminky

Many people do Jeffing.

The administrator leader Rfc.

does HM’s and is an expert in the technique.🌟

That is a learned discipline ,of course , but it can offer a wonderful alternative.

Our stopping experience that we seem to share is unplanned and can just knock your bpm, breathing, rhythm to pot.🙈

I think your right,think about running naked, just listen to your footfall and your breathing, do not think about it, maybe set yourself just an allotted time, and do not think at all about pace or distance. Just take what you give yourself.You and your environment and your thinking time.🤔

You have slain all these gremlins before. They are dead and no longer survive.🤔

Believe it, you are the runner and they do not like running.

Run because we can, no fear only belief, kissing the ground gently, only pleasure and enjoyment.

Take care of you and keep smiling.💫🏃‍♀️💫


Oh, dear :( Stop putting pressure on yourself - it sounds like your gremlin has got you, good and proper. Tell him that you have run a 10k, so he isn't kidding anyone, and particularly not you. I often have this problem - once a negative idea has sprouted it tends to take root quickly, and I go out each time convinced that it will happen again so it does, fulfilling what rapidly becomes a self-created and self-sabotaging prophecy. Turn it around, and set yourself a task you know is within your limits, and complete it (for example, a walk/run of 4 or 5 k, with regular intervals). Show your gremlin that you can do it. Then build on it. I did a five day running streak last week for the same reason - short run/walks, but they did the trick.

SlinkyminkyGraduate10 in reply to mfamilias

Thank you.

I think thats the problem, having bad runs and the expectation is it will be bad for everyone I even get out the door.

The next run I'm just going to go out and run and not worry about pace or anything.


I've been finding that too - I'm going to go back and do JuJu's plan next month to see if I can crack it without overthinking it. Maybe that could help? I think sometimes I'm overthinking it which isn't helping and so am enjoying it less. Good luck :-)

SlinkyminkyGraduate10 in reply to EmmaRunning

I think you're right, I might do juju's plan again, I seem to do better when I'm following a plan

I'm the same I think, really overthinking it and I just need to go out and run

Good luck and hopefully we'll soon be posting about our great run 👌


LEts look forward to that. I’ll look out for yours x

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