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Week 6 of 10 is the Magic Number - 9k run done

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I start the week with the long run so this morning it was the 9k run of week 6. I headed out on my 'steam train' route. I thought I had started too quickly but to my huge surprise managed to keep the pace up for the full 9k. At the 9k mark my neighbour was just leaving in her car and remarked how impressed she was! Completely chuffed!


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Nice job! Looks like a sub 1hr 10k is on the cards in the near future :)

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O505kGraduate10 in reply to pinkaardvark

Fingers crossed.

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Brilliant, well done you.... so close now 😎😎😎

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Week 6 finished with a 5k run in 29:05 minutes.


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