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Smugness wiped off face - Warning - Rant Coming


I had been a bit smug about the fact that I had avoided all the winter bugs and managed to keep going all over Xmas Jan and Feb. Obviously must be super healthy I almost convinced myself!!

So now, shuffling around with the lemsip near and the tissues piling up I'm having to rethink that. And the awful frustration of "sitting it out" until feeling better is driving me mad!

Also a bit hacked off about the fact that I find running on a treadmill so much easier than outside, even with a low gradient and have been doing a lot of it recently. So I can run a credible 7K on a treadmill but couldn't run Parkrun yesterday, I had to walk for a bit after 2.5 k.

Also annoyed that I am way behind on Jujus 10K plan..


Rant over - feeling better about putting it out there - apologies for the unloading :-)

Happy running you all - look forward to joining you soon.

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Sorry you're poorly but you'll soon be back. Take care of yourself.

Good luck and happy running!

EmmaRunningGraduate10 in reply to Wizziewood

Thanks Wizziewood :-)


I had a few colds over the winter period. I just ran through them to be honest though. When I get a cold I tend to get a really bad head cold with a streaming nose, but I found running actually helped. Running apparently releases epinephrine which is a natural decongestant not dissimilar to phenylephrine which is what's in most decongestants like lemsip. I do tend to use sudofed (psuedoephedrine) though to dry up my nose, you have to ask for it over the counter though as the stuff on display is just the same as lemsip, I think it can be used to make crystal meth so they control it now.

EmmaRunningGraduate10 in reply to pinkaardvark

Thanks, Ill give the Sudafed a try


Oh poor you...i totally sympathise at the moment...laid up in bed with some horrid lurgy & havnt been able to run since monday 😣 i hope you feel better soon & get back to it 😊

EmmaRunningGraduate10 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Hidden Poor you too! Its really frustrating isn't it? I hope you get over it soon and get back out there - I'm hoping I'll be back out again by Easter - chewing down on the Strepsils like their sweets :-)


The runs will still be there when you get back from the cold, you won't lose any fitness. If you're not feeling well then don't run, if the cold goes to your throat and chest that's also a no no.. I've just recovered from a heavy cold, thinking I would make it through the season without getting one as well...😊

EmmaRunningGraduate10 in reply to davelinks

Thanks davelinks , it is on my throat as well so I cant tell you how lovely it was to get your reply and feel better about doing nothing - I think this is what I needed, rather than getting cross with myself about it. Wise advice indeed. Glad to hear you are recovered as well :-)

Get well soon. I got a stinker and they always go to my chest so I got behind with my training - all caught up now though and you will too.

Running outside is very different to the treadmill and can take a while to get used to. The main thing is the old mantra slow it down. I did reply to a post on the 5k forum yesterday you 21shoehnter sort of listing a good few of the reasons outside can be, or seem to be, harder than on the treadmill

EmmaRunningGraduate10 in reply to AnnieW55

Thanks AnnieW55 - good advice and glad to hear you are better now. I am heading over to the 5K forum to check out your post as this is an area that I need/want improvement in. :-)


Hey, we all get Ill and we all struggle with things others don’t.... I cannot run on a treadmill AT ALL.... !! And parkrun will get better as you progress. As for the 10k plan, it’s a rolling programme, in 3 weeks we will be starting again so you have loads of time to catch up 😎


ju-ju-Thanks - its amazing how having a little rant about it all brings back lovely supportive responses and instantly makes you feel better. I think yesterday I was trying to fight off feeling ill and it was making me v grumpy. Now I'm just giving into it and its actually much easier - see you back on plan sometime soon :-)


I definitely second pinkaardvark with the Sudafed. I suffer from head colds and sinus problems in winter (oh to have a streaming cold which disappears in a few days other than lurking in your sinuses and head for ever!). The psuedoephedrine works much better than the shelf remedies and if you have dodgy Eustachian tubes like me it helps taking it regularly before & during flights to counteract pressure problems. Hope you're feeling better soon & can get back on track. :)

davelinksGraduate10 in reply to Slinkymalinki

Slinky, do you get any jaw ache and headachey feeling with congested sinuses? It's playing me up a lot lately with the heavy cold and post nasal drip, it just hangs around!

SlinkymalinkiGraduate10 in reply to davelinks

Sorry for delay in replying. Yes to all of those symptoms! I've also been to the dentist 2/3 times convinced I need a big filling only to find out that my inflamed sinuses were pushing on my upper jaw. Yuck! Hope you're getting over it now & have managed some good runs. 🙂

davelinksGraduate10 in reply to Slinkymalinki

I was thinking it was a tooth playing up maybe a wisdom tooth, but x-ray at my dentist revealed all clear, teeth are fine, so pleased about that. I may go to my doctor if it keeps on after remnants of the cold have cleared up, the acheing is mild and intermittent, so will see how it goes..

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