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It's been a long summer - have hardly had a day below 30C for the past 3 months and almost no rain. But the rains came 2 days ago and 7 of my local parkruns within 30 minutes drive were cancelled due to local flooding of the parks. When it rains here - IT RAINS!!!! So, with a bit of a break early this morning , I went out and did a short and supposedly "easy" 4k by myself. It was only a pleasant 24C - BUT the relative humidity was 92%!! I sweated so profusely that for the last 1K I couldn't see where I was running!!!!

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I'm breaking out in a sweat just reading that 😅😎


Blimey, that's hard going. I can imagine you are entirely ready for the weather to break though. I reach a point during the long hot Italian summer that I am really hankering after a bit of rain, a fresh breeze, a nice overcast day...


I know how you feel Bazza. We get that awful weather later in the summer but the temps reach a balmy 50+ with it too. Not a chance of going out in that. Well done for managing 4K in it!


Phew! Weird weather Bazza, if you can't see properly sometimes mind you don't lose your footing, again!

We here are at the start of a very intense cold period, supposedly since 1987, with heavy snow coming in on Monday, so we'll need to break out the Yaktrax grippers!❄⛄😊

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Gosh I bet that was so tough... well done. I am so rubbish at running in these temps, it’s really hard....


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