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In the Hollow Hills - Lent Challenge Day 3

Again rather late - blame half term. But here we go with our first proper day of the challange and it's a nice easy and gentle introduction.

Have as much fun as you deem appropriate given that it is Lent. Tomorrow will be a step up (except not actually with stepping).

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So, I was in the gym this morning and had the place to myself and "tried out" the pull-up bar. Ye gods! I just hung there but even that was hard 😩 but my hands hurt more than anything. Can't wait to be able to actually do one and then show off in the gym (I rarely see anyone do pull-ups)

It's a good stretch though if nothing else 🙂


You need to hang with active shoulders so you engage your lats rather than just deadhanging. But we will come on to that shortly.


can't wait 😖🙂


you can do some pushups while you are waiting


Of course. Just read today's little tor.....I mean test 🙂


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