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This mornings run!

Well went out this morning for a run. The weather was glorious,sun shining, birds singing and snowdrops almost everywhere !

I varied my route and dropped in on some sheep quietly grazing in their field that I had gatecrashed hee! hee!.

I’m pleased I went out this am as this afternoon is quite dull and snowy looking.

So I managed only 3 miles today,a little hard when anticipating the hills but they were quite a hard 3 miles🤪🤪

Anyhoo onward! onward ! I shall carry on and keep going. I wonder if it’s because I’ll be 60 next week that I’m finding it a bit harder than last year.

Happy running ! 😀😀

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No i don’t think so, I”d expect you to get quicker for quite a number of years yet before it starts to tail off 🙂👍


Thank you misswobble! I was hoping that would be the case hee! hee!

I think I just cannot believe that I’m going to be 60 next week,whow ! I don’t feel 60 though.But how are we expected to feel ? Do we suddenly all feel old ,achey,dithery etc etc ! Umm! I wonder ha!🤔🤔

For me I feel brilliant and looking forward to retiring next year completely as I’m semi retired at the moment. So then there’ll be more time for running.🏃🏃

Happy running😄😄


Sounds wonderful. You're not in the Cotswold too, are you? Never seen so many snowdrops in my life before: every garden, every green space in the town and all along the verges on the country lanes.

I don't think it's your age. I'm 11 years older than you and still gaining fitness and getting faster. I just think bodies are not machines, and sometimes they function better than at other times.


Hi Flick17 ! No not the Cotswolds ,but a beautiful little village called Llangrove which is on the border of Monmouth. Between Herefordshire and Monmouthshire.One primary school,one pub and no shop and 3 farms. It’s fab living here!

Have been running again this morning and once again the weather here is glorious. Sunny and frosty and a wee bit chilly at start. However once I got going warmth took over.

Now then today’s run was better than yesterday,so I think your right Flick about our bodies not being machines.

I think sometimes I expect too much of myself regarding running. So I just need to keep going .

Work tomorrow and Friday so that’s me till Sat as I work at Glos. (NHS) and by the time I get home it’s too late to do anything and after a busy day in the operating theatre I think that I have done enough exercise for the day


Happy running😀😀


How lovely. I used to live at RAF Crendenhill when I was a teenager, near Hereford but you could see the Black Mountains from the top of the hill near our house. I rode most days and loved looking out across the landscape to the distant blue hills of Wales. Fantastic area, beautiful villages, wild scenery. A friend and I used to hitch hike into Wales.

Wow, that’s a job and a half youre doing. I should think you need to run just to recover.


Well my hubby after we left the army and before he retired was a police constable with the MOD and worked at Credenhill. What a coincidence !

Yes your right,running is indeed a great way to recover. Also the drive home takes an hour so by the time I reach home I am well relaxed.

Hubby and I always end up holidaying in Wales as well as being beautiful it’s so close for us to get too ha!

Hubby's parents were Welsh, Dad a valleys boy.

We shop in Hereford and it’s great,always like to go there. One of my favourite shops was Chads ,(do you remember it ?) .Sadly it’s gone now.

Both of our Dogs (Jack and Myfanwy,both black labs and uncle and niece ) come from Monmouthshire too.

Wow how I have rambled on.🤪🤪😀


Was Chads that department store where you could buy evening dresses?

I went past Credenhill a few years ago and was shocked to see the hill itself was covered in trees - 40 years from when I was last there! It used to be almost bare of trees. There is the remains of a Roman temple near the top of the hill. I saw it once, just a few marble slabs sunk into the earth.

Yes, quite a coincidence. Lovely part of the world.

I shall think of you running among the snowdrops with the hills around you 😊


Hi Flick Chads was situated on both sides of Commercial street. One side was curtains,furniture and on ther side they sold clothes,ornaments, jewel ray,perfume etc,so I would think they sold evening dresses too.

It was a brilliant shop and had a tiny little lift inside.

Thanks for thinking of me and the snowdrops.😀😀

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Yes.i think it’s the one Im thinking of. It straddled two streets. I remember escaping a boy I didnt fancy by going in the front door and out the back onto the less busy street.

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Yes that is definitely the same one. Did you manage to lose this boy ha! ha!🏃

Happy running ! 😀😀

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I did! He wasnt pleased. He was the son of my father’s commanding officer, so it probably wasnt a very wise move politically 😂


Whoops! ha! ha!😀😀

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