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Squat Challenge W3D2 Ticking the days away

Good morning Skwaat Posse. Bright and early today after yesterdays late posting. It’s time for another day in the calendar list, or optionally if you go through to the blog, you will find today’s skwaats.

Do let me know how you got on yesterday with the new position.


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Sorry, I didn't squat yesterday (well only for the loo quite a few times, does that count 😂) as I had a 5 mile race on! I will try my 40 today.


Don't jump ahead. start with yesterday's 30. It is all a moveable feast

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I've found the lower squats easier and my form is better and no knee pain! Hurrah 🤗

Except I've co*ked up on the sequence and did 40 yesterday from week 2 and then got a bit carried away in the gym today and did 40 for week 3 ( are you keeping up 😕). I blame the mirrors. But all is good.

Thanks so much for putting this together Rig 🙂 For the first time ever my knees are not painful.