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How long should my runs be?

Hello all. Hope you are well.

Since graduating c25k I’ve gradually worked up to running 5k. I’m slow so out running 3 times a week 42ish minutes a time.

Just wondering if I should

a) keep running 5k three times a week

b) do a short run and another two 5k

c) do two 5k and then a longer stretch?

I’m finding it impossible to run any faster than 8.10km so I will probably always have to go long runs time-wise.

Thanks for any advice

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There really are no rules after graduatuon. You Graduated 11 days ago and have done really well to increase your distance to 5k in 42 mins.

As a new runner, I would spend a couple more weeks doing a 30 minute run (maybe stepping stones ) and maybe 2 runs of around 5k (without pushing too hard) just to really get comfortable with that distance, and build more stamina...

Then, if you wanted to and felt ready you could look at doing an up to 10k program such as the one Ju ju runs where you do different length runs to build distance. Ju ju is launching this again on 16th Feb on this site, if you wanted to join that and you will have plenty of company as you work through the program...

Hope this is helpful and Happy running 😊 xx


Thanks. I appreciate your reply. I looked at juju’s programme and the fact it’s seems to be a short, 5k then long run each week got me thinking about whether it wasn’t the best idea to do 3 5k rubs each week.

I’m really enjoying it mind. Well after the first k which is always pretty hard work.


There are no rules. I’d recommend forgetting all about distance, and just run times for a few months. Try two runs per week of 30 minutes, and one where you run for longer. Add 2 minutes per week, see how you get on.

Once you have consolidated your running, then you can think of what next. You’ll know when you’ve consolidated your running because at some point you’ll think 30 minutes is easy & not long enough. No need to hurry.


Yeah I think I’m already there. At 5k I don’t stop because I’m knackered but more because my husband is expecting me back after about 45 minutes. I think I could keep going which is why I wondered if two 5k and a longer run, or short, then 5k then longer would be better. Thanks


If you're not following a plan then the common route is to do a couple of shorter runs at 5k/30 minutes and then one longer run which you can increase weekly but preferably by no more than 10% of your weekly total mileage.

It all depends where you want to go with your running.


Thanks for your reply. I’m not too bothered about speed at this point, so happy to keep doing the 5k twice then I’ll try a longer distance at a weekend perhaps?


did you not know after graduation it is the law you have to book yourself into a marathon? :)

I would say it depends on what you want to do. But maybe do one short one but try and pick up the pace on it even if it is 2k 1k or whatever or just until you cant any more.

We all find running faster than we normally do, hard, but it really does help pick up the pace on the longer distances. But if you don't want to go further then 5k don't! but also going a bit further 6-7k might help with your 5k pace as well.

For instance, i will do a quick 5k really hard so I cant talk for the whole thing thinking I am going to die, then I will do a 10k where I can string a sentence together but not much more. I will then do a long run where I can talk normally. But use the same just cut all the distance's down.

hope this makes sense i have had a couple of glasses of ine.

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Ace I like ine too. 😂

Thanks for this advice. A slow fast one sounds possibly doable


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