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What a difference a day makes


It was so hard slogging my way to 7k all on my own (not even a dog for company) yesterday, and the weather did not help - it was overcast and not quite raining and the wind was *cold*.

Today it was still cold, colder in fact, but the sun was shining, and I had a lot of human and doggy company because today was a beginners’ Canicross run. There were several children in attendance: two ten year olds, a seven year and a four year old. I had the pleasure of holding the four year old’s hand for the last couple of k (she is my friends’ sprocket and right little cracker). The woodland we ran through kept a lot of the wind off us, and mostly wasn’t too muddy. Plus, it was somewhere I have never run before - which I often find really helps when I’ve begun to find my regular runs a bit of a slog. ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’ that’s what they say, isn’t it?

It seems pretty much everyone had trouble with their devices, it must be a bit of a satellite blackspot or something. Luckily our phones’ health trackers all reckoned we’d done 5k by the time we got back to the car park, so that was okay. 🙂

Picture is Taylor and I firmly in the middle of the pack, before I was joined by my pint sized companion 🐕🏃‍♀️

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Running somewhere new is always motivating I find. Of course, on the familiar routes you can just lose yourself as you're on automatic pilot.

in reply to Irishprincess

I actually find it hard to lose myself like that, and envy people that can.


It sounds like a lovely run .... for you , dog and small companion:)


Looks like a lovely place to run. Sure beats housing estates!

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I can’t do much running on hard surfaces because I have long standing (ha!) problems with my back. I was so glad when I found that I could trail run without it leaving me in pain.

I know several people in here run round their neighbourhoods and do some very interesting posts, but I do think that you guys that run in towns are an outstanding lot of runners - I’d have given up before I even got started!



Glad you felt better today toox


Sounds a lovely run 😊 How great that the children came along too, there is so many bad reports about children being unfit and overweight. I agree, new routes are exciting! Mud has been a big problem while I have been visiting family. SO slippery it was impossible to walk, let alone run!!

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It is nice when the kiddies come out. And they are always good (respectful) with the dogs, and the dogs with them. Ha! You’ll the post I’m just about to write.

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