What a day for a Parkrun!

Parkrun 53 for me today, and having a little niggle from my left achilles I felt a bit apprehensive. It was a nice sunny day with a bit of a strong easterly breeze, I had decent warm up walk finishing off with a slow jog to loosen things up a bit. How was the run going to go? The first mile I could feel the tightness in my achillies but it seamed too loosen up after that and I finished the run feeling very happy. My only concern now is what's my achillies going to be like later, fingers crossed!

My Parkrun time today 25mins 57secs at a pace of 8.24/mile, missing out on a PB by 6secs. Have a great weekend all. 😎

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  • Well done Frank, that's a great pace, especially as you're nursing a niggly Achilles. Hope you don't suffer for it later :)

  • Thanks AM, It's ok at the moment but I'm keeping my fingers crossed! 😎

  • Another great time Frank - well done! Hope that niggly Achilles settles soon for you.πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Sandra, fingers crossed. 😎

  • Speedy Gonzales Frank πŸƒand well done on reaching your 53rd parkrun! That's brilliant πŸ‘

  • Thanks IP, the run did surprise me. But happy with it. 😎

  • well done Frank , mr speedy even with a bad leg! very impressed ! :)

  • Thanks Ali, have a lovely weekend. 😎

  • Well done Frank! I also did Parkrun yesterday, a tad slower than you though, but my nephew, got an overall Parkrun pb of 25.15, so he's doing well, and again he was waiting for me at the finish line with a cup of water! I have him well trained! 😁

    I seem to have issues with tight calves, so physcologically, think it puts me off going all out to go faster, hopefully I can get a handle on it before too long..😊

  • Not bad training there Dave, next up you'll have to show him the next step and bring you back a pint! 😊 These little niggles can be frustrating can't they, hope you sort your calves out and then you will be right behind your nephew! 😊

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