1st non-stop parkrun for 7 months!!

I did my 101st parkrun this year in May at Fountains Abbey - and did my 115th yesterday. The intervening 13 parkruns have been an assortment of hobblings along on a walking stick, very slow walks , a few at 30/30 runs, and other assorted attempts to get across the finish line - but yesterday was my first continuous 5K since May. I limited myself to finish in 40 minutes and it was TOUGH!! - being 25C and 90% humidity at 7AM didn't help much either. We have a double parkrun tomorrow on New Years day - I have attended them for the past two years and was intending to do so again this year - but I am thinking now of only doing one. I don't have any great pain now from my fracture - but "something" is still going on down there!! :( I wish all here an Happy New Year and enjoy your running in 2018 ( where are the years going???)

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  • Congratulations Bazza. That's a big milestone coming back from injury. And in the blasted heat as well! Nicely done.

  • Congratulations on the non-stop 5k :)

    Probably wise not to overdo it - does "double park run" mean two on new years day itself? Sounds tough in that heat...

    And happy new year to you too!

  • Brilliant news Bazza! Dogged determination is a good thing- bet that 5k felt good (once the running was over!) Best of luck for 2018.☺

  • Well done Bazza. Good luck for the coming year. I hope you can finally get your foot completely right 👍🙂

  • Take it easy... All the very best for 2018! 🏃😁

  • Congratulations on 5k and may you have many more happy Ks in 2018!

  • Well done Bazza, but if you still feel 'something' going on down there, just take it easy, it would be so tragic to have come all the way back to fitness to have a setback.

    Happy New Year 8-)

  • I have never had a "broken" bone before so have zero experience to go on - but I have read that we get internal "scar tissue" around the break in the bone which causes niggling "pain" long after the bone has healed.

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