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Cold Fancy Dress Canicross

Met up with one of my Canicross groups this morning to do our Christmas ‘fancy dress’ everyone welcome 5k. I am such a Grinch that I only added jingly antlers to my regular running gear - maybe I should dress up as the Grinch next year??

A lot of the total beginners didn’t turn up so it turned into a stop/start 7k that Taylor Beagle and I really enjoyed; neither of us having run since last Sunday after I decided I really needed to let the nasty mess (that had been blisters) on my heels heal before I ran again. As a result my calves are a little bit tight, but not too bad considering I forgot to stretch straight after we finished - I was busy sipping hot chocolate as it was exactly 0 degrees by then (was colder when we set out!) - I will foam roller after I’ve taken the dog for her evening constitutional.

No pictures as I was a bit late arriving, so left my phone* in the car, but the woods were pretty in the frost and at one point we had to stop so deer could finish crossing the path ahead of us.

*Phone did better than my arm warmers though, as they got left in my daughter’s hallway when I swapped eldest grandsprocket for Taylor Beagle.

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My husband's students dressed him up as a grinch last year, complete with a little chicken heart in a bag attached to his top. It was over the top and amazing at the same time. I think jingly antlers are still festive and probably easier to run in than "fancy dress".

Glad your heels have healed enough to get out for a festive run with your group. They sounded nasty and painful from your previous post 😖

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They were nasty and painful 😖

The jingly bells were fun and I got so used to their background jingle that whenI took them off it felt too quiet 😆

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