Canicross run \o/

Canicross run \o/

Took my daughter's beagle and trundled off to the woods with a few of my Canicross friends. There were no beginners so I was one of the two slowest people there (slowest runner has dodgy knees, but is also powered by huskies!)

I kept up! No-one was more surprised than I was, especially when I managed to chat as well. A couple of them even commented that I was running better than at the start of the summer. I think I might have been guilty of letting the beagle maybe do too much - but there was no stopping her while she was with her doggie buddies.

I'm definitely calling this my 50 minute run for the week, though technically it was 51+ minutes total, and 46+ minutes moving time.

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  • I can see some definite advantages of taking the dog for a run, particularly the uphill sections lol. However when our staffy gets into full run mode I fear I would be dragged round with scuffed knees and toes lol. There must be a certain dog type who can trot along at my pace....

  • Staffies do love Canicross. I have a friend who runs two of them together. She loves going up hills with them, and they are great on the flat, but they do not know the meaning of the words 'easy' or 'slow' and she often lets them off when going downhill then collects them back up at the bottom. πŸ˜†

  • Yes I can see he would love it as he loves trying to run with me and my daughter at parkrun whilst hubs is on the other end of the lead lol. He is a fast four legged thing! He doesn't know how to be slow. Sounds like a fun thing to do to also tire him out.

  • It is fun, and it does tire them out as it exercises their brains - as they have listen to the runner behind them and obey commands - as well as their bodies.

  • Yay! What fun! πŸ• Even better if the dog is really up for it πŸ™‚

  • She didn't want to get back into the car after! I think she's missed it.

  • She has to learn to pace herself 😁

  • Brilliant! It sounds so exciting! I did not realise that they may actually aid the running... how does that work ?

    Well done you!

  • Because they pull us along, if we're lucky πŸ˜€.

  • Hi Old Floss, have you seen the video I posted of me running with the dog pulling me? Look at my post titled 'Me, dog and hubby'. He doesn't pull like that all the time!


  • Sounds a great run, well done for keeping up!

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