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Week 3 of 10 is the Magic number 10k plan ⛄️

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Welcome to week 3 of the plan.

How are you all doing? Hasn’t it been cold? You will see from my vid I’ve been getting out in the snow which has been lovely...

So this week you need to do:




After this week you will be half way though which is fantastic 😎

This week I talk about two things:

1. Having a mantra- mine is, You are strong, you are powerful, you are a Panther,’. This gives me energy when I’m feeling so weak and I imagine myself running so strong. So do think about getting your own mantra, something short and memorable that you can yell out if need be ( I do!!).

2. Make up - I did promise this tip! I personally love a bit of lippy and I wear the stuff that lasts all day ( max factor #70). I also regularly use fake tan on my face which gives a long lasting glow. For races I always paint my nails red for a bit of pzazz!

Here is my vid:


Have a great week everyone and happy panthering



34 Replies
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Been an alright week... got my three runs in despite the snow and ice thanks to the treadmill... my mantra is 'you are a gazelle, beautiful and strong' although I don't always feel it 😂... just about to tackle first run of this week so here we go 😁

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ju-ju-Graduate10 in reply to Terimanning25

I love that mantra, perfect for running 😎

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Terimanning25 in reply to ju-ju-

It is after the previous confidence knocks... just keep it in my head to distract myself from the idiots x

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Well done Ju, leading from the front as per. Great job👍

I was out in the snow this week, and it was dark. I felt epic 😁🏃‍♀️

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ju-ju-Graduate10 in reply to misswobble

Thanks MissW, I bet that was amazing??

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Thanks Juju my week has been good, over my flu. First 2 runs were fine despite the lashing rain I had to brave. Run 3 is today but now it's a no go as my son is off school ill, that's life I'll go tomorrow. Love the make up tips, though I would look more like this 🤡 lol

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ju-ju-Graduate10 in reply to Beach-runner

I hope your son is better soon and huge well done, you are doing great 😎

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Thanks for the info Ju-Ju, I’m still struggling to get thru W1 cos of weather 😫

Nevermind fake tan on the face, I need it on the legs...blinds folk in the sun 🤪

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ju-ju-Graduate10 in reply to TedG

Ha ha, you can put it on your legs too? And I hope the weather improves so you can get out soon 😎

roseabi profile image

I'm off out for my run in a bit, so now I've seen this I think I'll put on some lipstick, cos I'm going up to the power station and back yaaayyyyy power lippy :D

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roseabi in reply to roseabi

... although I didn't have indelible lipstick like yours, and at one point I forgot and mopped some sweat from my upper lip and ended up with a pink patch on my sleeve. Not terribly ladylike :D

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ju-ju-Graduate10 in reply to roseabi

You should get some, it's so easy as it stays on all day and through work etc!!!! Ask santa? X

kitt66 profile image

My usual plan is to do the long runs at the weekend but I'm doing my second 5k race on Sunday so the 7k got pushed to today. It was tough in that I needed to try and fit it into an hour which means going a little faster than I usually would but I survived.

I've never worked out a mantra, will give it some thought.

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ju-ju-Graduate10 in reply to kitt66

Well done, and mantras aren't for everybody but it does help to have something to yell out when it gets tough... 😎

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Ju-Ju my week finishes each Wednesday and starts again today (Saturday) with Parkrun. This week I ran 6K on Wednesday and my last K was infact a PB speed wise. Not that I was aiming for that, slow and steady for me.

As usual before each run I fill with trepidation and the first K to 2K I have self doubts, from then on I break it down in sections and also take in the scenery and what is going on around me. As for make up I don't wear any other than the warm glow of satisfaction as I run the last K of whatever the distance is. Yes the longer distances are tough but I thought running a minute was tough back in July/August.

I really love the community here and now also at Parkrun on Saturday each week.

Off to Black Park now.

Keep on running.....

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ju-ju-Graduate10 in reply to tfcmagpie

I hope you enjoyed park run, and I love your approach. Breaking the run into sections really works mentally doesn't it? You are doing so well 😎

Cornet-Carolyn profile image

I'm a bit behind as only managed 1 x 6.5k run on Monday but hope to catch up over next 2 weeks. Happy running everyone 🏃‍♀️

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ju-ju-Graduate10 in reply to Cornet-Carolyn

There is no rush, no pressure. You can do this plan for as long as it takes. The posts will be pinned so you can pick up and go with them when it suits you best.... well done on your progress, and a 6.5k is amazing!!! Well done 😎

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Cornet-CarolynGraduate10 in reply to ju-ju-

Thank you 😊

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Went out to do my 5k run to finish my 3 runs for week 2. Planned my route took a wrong turn and ended up doing 7.72km. Was very slow but it is not about speed for me at the moment but endurance and distance. Will claim this run as run 1 week3 and do the other 2 on Monday and Wednesday. Happy running folks 🏃‍♀️

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ju-ju-Graduate10 in reply to Vonnie63

Well done.... ahead of the game, you are doing fab 😎

Ajs07 profile image

Hi I’m behind due to work, weather and Christmas shopping. only managed one run this week so am planning to start week 2 next week but am still following the plan and will finish but a bit later than everybody else. Thank you so much ju-ju- for the plan as I would have had no idea where to start xx

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ju-ju-Graduate10 in reply to Ajs07

Please don't worry, the beauty of this plan is you can take as long as you want. The posts will be pinned and the final week I will do a post with the whole thing on!! Well done on your progress 😎

Fionn42 profile image

Like others, due to work pressure I’ve has to roll weeks 2 and 3 sort of together but am planning to run every other day this week so that by next Saturday I’ll have completed them all. I love the flexibility of this programme, and the way you can make it fit your own circumstances - thanks Ju-Ju! Now, just got to go and decorate the Christmas tree then I’m off for my 7k - new route today along the old railway line, so should be doable I hope 🤞

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ju-ju-Graduate10 in reply to Fionn42

Happy decorating and enjoy your run.... that will be lovely next to an old railway line too . Well done 👍🏽

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Fionn42 in reply to ju-ju-

Whooohoo, done it! The furthest distance I have EVER run!

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ju-ju-Graduate10 in reply to Fionn42

Brilliant huge well done to you 😎

Macmac profile image

Hi, last week was frustrating waiting for the snow and ice to clear, so I resorted to running indoors on the treadmill with the plan of doing the long run, but it was so hot I only managed 3k! 🙁 Luckily I got back outside later in the week to complete week 2. Hats off to those that run indoors - I find it hard going!! Anyway, week 3 is going well, with just the 3.5km left 👍. I'm really enjoying the plan - thanks ju-ju 😀


Foxes1961 profile image

Hi, well so far I have failed miserably! I have only managed 1 x 5K per week for the last two weeks because of, well life, Christmas, snow and ice etc etc. Excuses, excuses I know ..... however I plan to put this right over the next 2 weeks as I finish work on Friday and don't come back until 8th Jan which will give me plenty of time .......... won't it! I am determined to make 10K and hey this time last year I was only running for 20 minutes so I have improved, I must stop beating myself up!! Fed up with all the heel pain I am getting, even with my new spongy/supportive trainers, this plantar fasciitis is a real nuisance. Great tip about the all day lipstick JuJu, I too can't leave the house without my lippy on :-) mainly down to my lovely Mum (sadly no longer with us) who always said "it doesn't matter how you feel on the inside, to the outside world you always hold your head up, put a smile on your face and DON'T leave the house without lipstick"

Mike1942 profile image

The cold, with a bit of help from my GP now appears to be over. Let's hope the time spent in "Mike's mam cave" (, previously known as the garage) on my bike and turbo trainer during the past ten days will make a difference. Anyone doing ,"the 3 villages " 10k on 31/12/2027. I intend to go out with a real ,"bang" this year.

"3 villages" is just south of Nottingham. Very flat , and fast either 5 or ,10 (figure of 8 ):if you have had enough after five you ,just stop collect you medal and go home

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Mike1942Graduate10 in reply to Mike1942

The Xmas pudding has gone down, so have my times. Number 376 is looking for 60mins + or - a little bit.

Nic63 profile image

Hi JuJu

Like you I always put my lipstick on! I’ve looked on the Max Factor website but I’m not sure which one it is. Can you be a bit more precise about what it’s called so I don’t buy the wrong one. Many thanks

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ju-ju-Graduate10 in reply to Nic63

Its number 70. I think its called Plum something... Fab!!

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Nic63Graduate10 in reply to ju-ju-


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