Juju's 10k Plan wk2 r1 Whaaaat is going on??

Juju's 10k Plan wk2 r1 Whaaaat is going on??

It was f-f-freezing out yesterday morning. I’d spent half the night awake drenched in a sea of hormonal sweat, only to ice over in frozen agony the moment I slipped anything more than a fingertip outside of the covers. So by 7am I was more that twitchy to get out.

My left calf was sore and a bit niggly. Plus it felt like last night’s fish and chips were still lodged somewhere in my ribcage. I wasn’t particularly hydrated ….had a glass or 2 of wine last night too… need something at the weekend to celebrate getting through another week of work.

Should I run?… Probably not, but the urge was too strong to resist. I’d just do the 3km run if it was hard work. I was planning to try Niko Niko running - slow and happy after reading about it from a post on here recently, just my cup of tea.

Back in the cold, my Under Armour thermal leggings (an expensive sale bargain) didn’t arrive in the post this week as apparently they’d flogged them to someone else :( . Peed off and desperate, I resorted to a pair of 60 denier tights underneath my normal running tights and fluffy bed socks… Which worked a blinkin’ treat! Toasty as. I am a running bag lady.

So I stretched well and started out deliberately slower than usual, the air was icy, stinging my lungs, plus I started burping up last night’s fish and chips. Nice. Pure class running with me. My first km is usually my fastest about 6.40mins. Then it slows down to around 7/ 7.20mins. It’s been this way for months.

So what happened to my time today is a total and utter freaking miracle. I can only think it was due to my last run which was the 2.5km of interval running. Although I nearly exploded trying to jog run sprint, so I stuck to jog 30 secs, run 30 secs, which I just about managed. It’s majorly amazing to me …I kept thinking Map My Run woman had got it wrong….I was trying to go slow, so I don’t have any control over my pace at all then. I’ll have to wait and see if it’s a fluke. Can one small interval session give such results??

I hope no one thinks I’m on some look-at-me gloat-fest about this, far from it, my jaw is firmly on the floor (it’s a good look). I keep trying to understand running but most often it completely confuses me. All I know is that it’s been really hard for me, getting to this stage but I am so glad I’ve stuck at it. For me this is a massive leap and therefore a bit scary. I realise how I am still such a newbie at all this.

But if anyone thinks I deserve a bit of karma, on my warm down walk I stopped to help a couple whose car had conked out, offering to help the bloke push. But they were like ‘er, no, we’re ok thanks’ so I carried on home, putting my hand to my nose only to find a big wet snotty trail running down to my lips. Anyone fancy coming for a run with me? :)

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  • I'd love to run with you - it sounds a riot. Especially the fluffy bed socks!!

    The running thing is a mystery - I often have my best runs after several weeks of not running. Have a gloat fest - this running thing shows us so much about ourselves that we never imagined. Enjoy.

  • Certainly does, it surprises me on a daily basis! If you think you know yourself - start running! I wish it was a riot! Normally it's a wheezing, wobbling mis-matched mess! Although not so wobbly today, thanks to the tights! :)

  • Lol....oh dear!!! What an end to a fantastic run, you are fabulous snotty nose or not!!! You don’t deserve karma, you deserve a flippin tissue & a glass of fizz!!! 😂😉

  • Big hankie run that one! I blag my husband’s 👃🏻

    Running is just one foot in front of the other. Not complicated at all. As usual, only humans conspire to complicate, for reasons i’ll Never understand 🤔.

    Keep runnjng and having fun 👍🏃‍♀️

  • Thanks misswobble. I would love to be able to not overthink it but nothing seems to make much sense to me! One day maybe. Until then you are right, it's just one foot in front of the other. Simples! :)

  • Thanks MummyCav it defo was my run of the year. Although I never would have guessed it was gonna turn out that way. Funny eh, the way things pan out. :)

  • I am totally with you on the hormonal sweat front, and really impressed with your speed 👏👏👏👏

  • Thank you! It's horrid when it's so cold at night - boilingly freezing!?! Just like going on a run this week! :)

  • Well done, sounds like a brilliant, if snotty, run! 👏

  • Thanks, yes it was brilliantly snotty! My kinda run! :)

  • Haha 😂 Great post. Every time you get out there you're adding a little something to your running body so just keep at it. You're doing brilliantly 🏃🏃🏃

    I love the nose thing. That happens to me too 😏

  • Thank you! :) I started C25k 7 months ago nearly and I've really noticed a change recently, body shape and weight is finally starting to shift a bit too.

    I was so cold I couldn't even tell my nose was running - slightly worrying!! :)

  • Oh please, oh please, I'd love to run with you! Great job on the run. You're nailing this bridge to 10k 💪👊👏

  • Weirdly, I replied to this but it seems to have now disappeared! It would so great to have you along, if you could poke up with a snotty, sweaty, wheezy, wobbly, dodgily dressed, middle-aged, hormonal woman!

    I'm hoping the timing is right now for 10k. It feels promising :)

  • 🤣. It would be a wonderful distraction.... too bad I live across the pond. For now I'll just have to continue to enjoy reading about your adventures/runs. They are very entertaining 😆

  • Brilliant results, and a cracking post - gave me a good chuckle. I would DEFINITELY run with you. I tend to burst into song and I often swear too - I think I have running-induced Tourettes. We'd make a great partnership (no-one would trifle with us at least!)

  • Haha! That would be awesome... I love a good swear on a run too, it's the only thing that kept me going in the early days!! I'd love to sing too but I think I'd pass out. You are super speedy though, I don't think I could keep up. Perhaps we could be attached by a piece of string and you could pull me along when I run out of puff. Although, people often start running the other way when I come along.... can't think for a minute why! :)

  • Not so sure about the speed issue - look at your fabulous pace here!

  • Oooh, me three please. We'd be quite a sight - we'll put FPF in between us and embarrass her as we break out in song! Ha, that would be a hoot 🤣

  • Perfect! Although, somehow I think I'd be the embarrassing one!! But you could both hold me up and drag me along when I start to flag... so after about 10 mins then! :)

  • We gotcha 💪🏃‍♀️💪

  • Yes! We would look like revellers on the way home from a heavy night, but faster and with more Lycra.

  • 😂 tee hee, that made me giggle! Wow, speedy - look at you go! Fantastic pace, well done (I can only manage that pace going downhill with the dog pulling!) 😀

  • I don't know where my speediness came from, I can only thank Juju's plan! Love that, down hill with the dog. Now there's a plan....! :)

  • I'd run with you!!...but I think you'd leave me far behind. Your time was fab! I tried doing intervals and discovered I only have 2 speeds: stop and go. So I'm always in awe of anyone who can do them.

    Snot is a regular accomplice on my runs, as well as talking to myself, singing and signing (Makaton sign language when I run out of breath, but I'm sure car drivers think I'm gesturing 😀) and wearing the water I'm supposed to be drinking.

  • Haha! I think I'd love to come on a run with YOU! I don't know Makaton but I have plenty of my own signs I can use!! I know letters too, if they happen to be Y, M, C and A!I I have several speeds: stop, go, stagger, stumble and crawl! Intervals seem to be the way to go! I'm amazed at the difference it's made :)

  • Hahaha! What a duo we'd make! 😂😂😂

  • I think there is a whole posse of like minded women of a certain age on here who would run with us too... it's highly possible we'd all get arrested! :)

  • Thanks for making me laugh! Your timing is amazing - I found that my time was faster after the short speedy run too. Just wanted to add that I can be quite vocal whilst running too & started my last one in a grump about work. For the first km or so I was spouting out the names of people who have royally peed me off this week at work! Needless to say I got home feeling a completely different person - a much nicer one!

  • Ooo! I might give that a go, although if I started going on about things at work that annoyed I might never get home again!! :) I must admit I was swearing at car drivers this morning, revving fumes in my face. It's very therapeutic and as no one's about that early I can say what I like without anyone thinking I'm a complete looney b*tch!! Only trouble is I need another run when I get home from work too!

  • Superduper Fishypieface😀...thats a fantastic 6k run...you're not gloating but you should feel pretty amazing..

    Its great having the three run option, isn't it, it takes the pressure off and gives you confidence. Must try that Niko Niko slow and happy running technique myself..see if it helps me go faster!😆

    I would love to run with you too, but I would be trailing behind...

    Enjoy the rest of your runs this week..very excited for you.😊xxx

  • Oh it would be an absolute delight to run with you Jan! I would love that :) Juju's plan seems to be great, I was a bit skeptical about the shorter run but blimey, I can't believe the difference it has made. I think I did my first (and probably last!) sub 30 5k run today but Map My Run glitched on the last km. I can't really believe what's going on. I wasn't looking for speed either, a comfortable, enjoyable run is all I am ever after.

    However, making it to 10km is a different story, now I'm worried I'll conk out and never get that far - especially not at this speed. Oh well, I am learning to take it all in my stride and enjoy the journey (only taken me 45 years!!) :)

  • Oh don't worry about that Fishypieface..a women of your calibre definately has 10k runs in her legs😆...

    Work through the program and see what happens!!!😊xxx

    Well done on your 5k today too. .

  • Haha! Thanks Jan, you are lovely xx I am looking forward to seeing where it takes me.... hopefully not A & E! :) :) :)

  • Great time, great run! I’m impressed you braved the winter wonderland. I too have trouble with snot and have found myself wiping my nose with the back of my gloved hand. Exactly the sort of thing I used to tell my son not to do when he was small and another good reason to wear gloves. Good luck with the rest of the plan you’re sounding strong.😀

  • Thank you! Yes, a snotty nose is the last thing I thought would be a problem running! It was so cold that I couldn't even feel it - ugh! At least we are not alone! :)

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