Parkrun tourist fail (#ditzyrunner)

Parkrun tourist fail (#ditzyrunner)

Ditzy runner decided that she could run/walk to Parkrun venue this morning as it wasn’t too far from our hotel, and be thoroughly warmed up as a result.

Instead, due to a combination of phone lagging and then finally dying because it decided it was too cold outside, and me being, well, ditzy, saw ditzy runner running all the way into Nottingham before running back out again* and finding Forest Rec. So I tagged onto the front runners - hopefully successfully staying out of their way - and ran a lap and half of the course.

Phone decided café where hubby and I had hot drinks after I’d finished was warm enough for its delicate sensibilities, and told me I’d done 3.78k in 27 minutes before I got there. So I reckon I’ve done maybe 7k in all. Not including my very brisk warm up walk before MapMyFitness kicked in.

*trail runners on pavement is no fun😞 and after wearing posh shoes all day yesterday, my feet are now protesting.

Currently in the car on the way to relatives’ house for a rapid visit before heading home.

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  • Well you did get a run! That’s a positive! It’s just begun to snow here in Derbyshire we are expecting a deluge tomorrow. My race is postponed

    Things rarely go to plan but you got your run in. That’s a result! 👍😃

  • Very cold here and apparently it has snowed not very far away, but no sign of it here.

    It was a lovely morning for a run, glad I got out.

  • It sounds fairly successful to me...well, the running part at least. The rest you dealt with admirably. And if your phone has a strop due to outside temperatures not meeting it's requirements, at least it doesn't affect the reality of your run taking place, or the challenges you surmounted to achieve said distance. You know how well you did. That makes you a lot less fickle than your phone! Well done!! ☺👏👏👏

  • Thank you!

    I am so much less fickle than my phone; it does not deserve me!😀

  • Well done 😎

  • Thank you! 😊

  • Oh dear! But you did get 7k done, so that's good :)

  • My blisters want to say different, but I’m not going to let them.

  • You ran.... enough said:)

  • 😁

  • Running with the front runners was madness - they do the Parkrun in sub 20 min times (and yes I am jealous)

  • Oh I didn’t stay with them for long don’t worry 🤣🤣🤣🤣 though I was quite cross with myself for getting lost so I did do a short quick blast, before slowing down.

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