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Managed to improve on last months 10k yesterday afternoon but I didn’t set off until after 3pm because of the earlier rain and being busy at home

I don’t usually run other than early am but with winter approaching and early morning frosts thought it was time to mix it up however I didn’t allow for how quickly it gets dark so didn’t wear my light. It’s a good job I was coming back on a main road with lots of cars passing to light my way I won’t go without it next time 🔦I’m looking to be able to do 12.5k by Christmas comfortably so I can work on increasing to 15k early in the New Year

The 21.082k is still away off but I plan on adding small amounts and getting comfortable with the longer distance before I add more

Not sure if it is the right way to train but it’s the way I feel happy with I am going to start exercises for my strengthening my knees and ankles ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR GOOD ONES WELCOME

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Yep, nibble away at the distance 👍

Strengthening is s good plan, but everything, not just knees. Walking is good, swimming, cycling, dancing, home or gym where you can weights, kickboxing type moves, Pilates, yoga, Zumba. I do Jillian Michaels dvds as she incorporates the lot into her routines 💪

Juicy Ju does spinning and body pump and swears by it.

Definitely intersperse your running with lots of walking if you can. Keeps strengthening those leg muscles, joints and tendons. A good portion of my learning to run strategy has been generally getting on my feet more. I completely altered my morning schedule so I'm out walking for about 45 mins every morning with the dog and clock up 4k or more most mornings.

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