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Slow off the mark today. Was cold and overcast. I also am almost out of data on my phone, so I had to run without the gps Fitbit app that sucks data like no tomorrow. So it was back to the old start and stop the watch method. This method must track very differently because my pace jumped from 7min/km to 5.5!! And the run felt about the same. Weird. Overall a bit cool, but still a decent run. Am seriously now looking at a Garmin with built in gps.

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  • Garmin .. great.... :) Blimey you are running fast !

  • Yes I think its time to switch to a Garmin finally! I think my real pace is closer to 7, not 5.5, since the gps tracking is more accurate πŸ™‚ Who knows, the Garmin may even show a slower pace!

  • My comfy pace is 7.30... but then I am an old snail!

  • Not sure about that Floss - on the last GPS run, I had to work hard to break past 7.30 zone towards the 6 zone and was fully out of breath at the end :).

  • It is weird.. I did a 3.5K today and my timings per K were all over the place! Mind, I did decide to do a hill for the first K...not a good idea!!

  • Well done Floss...that 3.5k is a tricky little run after the 7k isn't it..without hills playing a part. xx

  • It is.. and it felt so much further... I was a bit tired!

  • Haha, yes that why I stay away from the hills πŸ˜€

  • I'm working towards a comfy pace of 7.30, speedy!

  • Still a good run my friend πŸ˜‰

  • It was ok. They can’t all be gems πŸ™ƒ

  • I enjoy my garmin. It's nice to be able to take a quick peak and see my distance/pace or distance/time depending what I have my screen set to. It is also easy to change screens on the fly. I usually still run with my phone because I love love love running to music but I tuck my phone in my flip belt and not pull it out until the end of the run.

  • Thats exactly what Im looking for. I like just having my phone fir the tunes too. And the Garmins seem to have the large digits that are easier to read than my old fitbit charge with its tiny screen. What model do you have Sask?

  • I have the forerunner 10; It doesn't have a heart rate monitor but it fit my budget when I bought it a few years ago. I'm not that concerned about training within a target heart rate. It tells me distance, pace, time and can set a pace alarm or run/walk intervals if I choose. It tells me the pace of every km (lap) ran at the end of the run. If I download the info to garmin connect, I can get the map and stats of elevation etc. It's a base model, but works well for what I need. I'm not sure if this model is still available anymore though.

  • Thanks - Yes that sounds pretty cool. I like the pace alarm feature too. If I have time I will check it out tomorrow. I'm looking at the VIVOACTIVE model now which is $100 off for a short time.

  • When I was shopping the vivoactive was definitely on my list as well. I can't remember why forerunner won out, I think my budget at the time probably played a big role. Happy shopping 😁

  • Yep I would not be considering it either if not for the $100 sale which was a nice surprise.

  • I used RUNKEEPER on my Android phone for a LONG time - before I got a Garmin FR220. I got the Garmin because I really wanted to do some HR training and run within certain HR limits and no Android App would do that. Having said that I am very happy with the Garmin and after doing lots of HR training I could finally run within certain pace bands to much the same effect as HR training. BUT - now that I am not running, I am finding that I am reverting back to using HR to determine my training levels at the gym, on my bicycle and while power walking (Nordic walking with poles now) . So my Garmin FR220 with chest belt is still working for me :)

  • Thanks Bazza, yes the main reason is for reliable gps (that is not connected to my phone data plan) and the pace bands too

  • Garmins are great 😎

  • Decker, your phone must be really heavy...............

  • Haha! I like the phone for music, so it still comes out with me. But reliable gps that doesn’t use phone data is something I am trying to work out. The pace alerts would be nice too since I tend to vary alot in pace.

  • Definitely get a Garmin. You can still input to Strava if you want to, but the GPS is far more reliable. There seems to be a good deal on the forerunner 135 at the moment which would do all you need, I think. But there are so many models and you can of course spend hundreds of pounds should you want to do so!

    Good run.

  • Thanks Annie, right now where I am, the forerunners are still full price but the Vivoactive is $259 CAD which is $100 off the reg price. There are some really fancy ones too but they are out of my budget range πŸ˜€

  • Another vote for a running watch, be it a Garmin ForeRunner or Vivoactive or TomTom (*rushes off to wash mouth with soap after having uttered the name*) or any other brand. In the long run (see what I did there?) they're more informative and easier to work with than the jack-of-all-trades that is a mobile phone.

  • Haha - yes I can't bring myself to go to Tomtom as I have one in my car which drives me (see what I did there? :) ) up the wall. My phone is way better with the maps in the car - but thats a conversation for another board probably :)

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