5K to 10K. Does this sound about right?

Hello everyone.

First time post in the 10K forum. I finished the C25K just under 3 weeks ago and since then have kept up the 3x week of 5km with gentle increases so that I am now at 5.7km.

Nowhere near 30 minutes but that was never my goal at the outset. Just my usual slow and steady Oldfloss pace.

I've read about the motivation people feel/lack after graduating and whilst that has not hit me yet, I do feel that I want something to aim at. Naturally that aim being 10K. However I will be doing this over the depths of an Eastern European winter.

I never did the C25K with Laura (opting instead for the gentle 130 decibel voice in my ear announcing 'HI !!! I'M MICHAEL JOHNSON !!') so have looked at a few of the B210K apps and reviews but nothing seems to grab me as such. I'm just as happy with my own music and Mrs Endomondo telling me how far I have gone.

Plus, I would be doing it along the lane that I did my C25K so know exactly how far apart is every tree and marker and if I do the circuit twice that would be my 10K.

Anyway, I digress...

I welcome thoughts on what I have set for myself and if you guys think this is about right.

So the plan is (starting week commencing 30th October, all distance in km) :

W1 @ 5k, 5.5k, 5.5k (Total 16km)

W2 @ 5.5k, 5.5k, 6k (Total 17km)

W3 @ 6k, 5.5k, 6k (Total 17.5km)

W4 @ 6k, 6.5k, 6.5k (19)

W5 @ 6.5k, 6.5k, 7k (20)

W6 @ 7k, 6.5k, 7k (20.5)

W7 @ 7k, 7.5k, 7.5k (22)

W8 @ 7.5k, 7.5k, 8k (23)

W9 @ 8k, 7.5k, 8k (23.5)

W10 @ 8k, 8.5k, 8.5k (25)

W11 @ 8.5k, 8.5k, 9k (26)

W12 @ 9k, 8.5k, 9k (26.5)

W13 @ 9k, 9.5k, 9.5k (28)

W14 @ 9.5k, 9.5k, 10k (woo hoo !) (29)

Completion date planned 1st weekend in February which would be 6 months after I started the C25K. I've tried to base it on not increasing each week by more than 10% of the previous. Most of them are 5% increases.

Does this look about right?



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  • I think this is definitely doable, and the I like the nice, gradual increases - that'll hopefully help you remain injury free.

    Just one thought: You don't necessarily need to keep all the runs (almost) the same distance. Many have great success with just one weekly "long run" which increases week-by-week whil the other runs increases more slowly (or maybe not at all). Entirely up to you of course, but if you do go down the route of a single long run it's advisable to ensure that it is at most 30-50% of the total weekly distance (so at some point you will need to increase the shorter runs as you have been doing in your plan above). Sorry. I'm waffling on, but hopefully it makes sense.

    Enjoy the push to 10 km. You can do this!

  • I think there is a 5-10k training plan from Juju in the pinned posts if you look but personally think you need to rethink that plan as although your increments are small, you are upping all three runs, which could make it quite tough to sustain. Many consolidate their 30 min runs for a few weeks and then further consolidate 3 x 5k runs a week. Thereafter, what I (and many others did) is to gradually turn one run in to the weekly long run, keeping the other two as shorter 5ks. When increasing this long run it is important to stick to the 10% rule which advises not increasing your total weekly distance by more than 10% of your weekly total. So for example, from 3 x5k you would extend to 2x 5k and 1x 6.5k. Each time you are ready to go a little further (and this doesn't have to be every week - listen to your body ) work out 10% of your weekly total, add on to long run etc. Your plan results in you doing 3 long runs a week, which for a new runner is going to leave you open to a higher risk of overuse injuries I would think. Those running legs can take a couple of years to really build up. By keeping two shorter runs in there, you can still achieve your goal, but hopefully more safely. Will be interested in others replies. Good luck though, sounds as though you are progressing well.🙂

  • ah ha.....just seen ju-ju- 's C25 to 10K you mentioned in the pinned section and yes, it looks a lot better than lots of long runs over 14 weeks.

    I'll take that and put that into my dates / weeks instead. Some hefty jumps in there but also means I get it all in before winter really sets in as well.

    I was on 30mins by the end of week 8 and through week 9 was on 5km runs and have been since finishing the C25K so this 6 week program will be great!

  • I’m going to be doing another at the beginning of Dec but that may be too far off. The plan is designed so that each week you increase by 10% a week overall. Do some weeks twice if you need to... I hope it’s helpful 😎

  • A few of us doing ju-ju- s plan.. some for the first time.. and some, like me using it to build back up after the IC... and it is blooming brilliant!!!

    I am on Week 3 :)

  • 😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • I agree with Sandra, mix your runs and aim to extend one regularly. Not necessarily every week, you need to consolidate a while sometimes.

    Try a quick 3k sometimes.......or an interval/ fartlek session.......or combine those two sometimes.

    You will need to look for different routes I think, otherwise it may well get very boring.

  • Ps, it’s allowed to walk occasionally in your long run too don’t forget. If I walk I always time the walk........ie walk one minute then run......that way you WILL run again........it’s too easy to keep walking if you are not careful.

  • Changed it now for this

    W1 - 2.5, 5, 5.5

    W2 - 3, 5, 6

    W3 - 3.5, 5, 7

    W4 - 4, 5, 8

    W5 - 5, 7, 9

    W6 - 5, 7, 10

    Following ju-ju- runs but reading the posts from the last one 9 months ago a few had said they had extended the middle run on weeks 5 and 6 so that it wasnt such a mental leap from 5km to 10km.

    I'll give it a bash anyway. It's all km under the belt.

  • Yes give it a bash! Remember it’s your journey so listen to your body and do what suits. Personally I found trying to do three long runs each week was way too much for me. If you find similar you can alter week 5 and 6 as you wish!

    Enjoy, 10k is long distance running in my book!

  • A few of us are doing this plan at the moment GingerBohemian.

    SaskAlliecat, Oldfloss and me. Oldfloss is already a 10k Graduate but is using this to come back from the injury couch and get to 10k again.

    We are on wk3, and its good to hear juj ju say its ok to repeat a week..

    Good luck and post your progress😊xx

  • My usual 15 chapter drivel type posts you mean :)

  • No.. your fabulous posts x

  • Looks good to me and look how much quicker you could make it to 10k! 😀

  • I think this looks a great plan. I agree with others who have suggested just having one long run a week, the other runs as interval sessions and a gentle 5k. Best of luck, you can do this -no problem! 👍😀

  • That looks much more doable and keeps your long run to once a week which is better..... keep us posted

  • to save posting it all out again, follwoing the advice from people WAY more experienced than me I will change it from little run, middle run, big run to middle run, big run, little run but cap the little run distance at 4km

  • Well, I'm also going to be trying for a 10K on Dec 16 (Saturday) -- a "run the solar system" virtual 10K. I had in mind a different training program, but the time frame is similar -- shall we work towards running the virtual 10K on the same day?

  • Can do. I just need to try and lose this bout of man flu. It was touch and go during the night if I would survive but I seem to be battling through it.

  • I would also say you only need 1 long run in each week. I built from 5k to 16k (so I could do the great South Run) doing 2 or 3 runs a week, 1 always the 5k parkrun, 1 always a longer run, the 3rd (in the weeks I could fit it in) something technical and limited to 30 minutes such as hill work or intervals. The long run I built up over a number of weeks using a run/walk method and would usually repeat the same distance 1 or more times but with fewer walking breaks. So for example I did 10k as my long run on 3 successive weeks. First time in 2k run/2 minute walk segments, then in 3.3k run/2minute walk segments, then 2x5k.

  • That seems a very sensible approach!

  • Hi GB, there's a common theme coming through. I propose all weeks to have the same format:

    Run 1: 5km, fast, medium, slow, you decide.

    Run 2: Long, slow run.

    Run 3: Short recovery run < 4km.

    You only need to increase the length of the long, slow run. No need to increase the distance for the recovery run (or the 5km run).

    Stick to a weekly schedule, and do the long slow run on a day when you are not too busy... this means the weekend for many. But I used to run parkrun Saturday, long slow run Mon/tues and recovery run Wed/Thurs.

  • If you keep two runs at 5k and make one per week your long run, which you increase by the recommended maximum of 10% of your weekly total mileage, then you go from 15k in W1, to 16.5k in W2, 18.2 in W3 and you hit 20k in W4 with that 10k run under your belt.

    It worked for me.

  • What about training for time, not distance? I find it hard to slow down (not that I am particularly quick) and at the moment I am concentrating on trying to run 5k faster but that means I lose the stamina for longer distances. So I go out for a set time and because I know I’m going to run for 45 minutes or 60 minutes I naturally take it slow. Also a nice surprise to see how far, or not, my miband thinks I’ve gone. ‘Training by minutes is ideal for those runners that can’t seem to slow down on their easy days and who always want to push the pace. Since ego is removed from the equation, you’ll naturally begin to run by feel and the appropriate effort.’ From running.competitor.com/2014...

    A quickie once a week is also good for your heart I think, get it beating and really go for it on a route you know.

    Do you have any park runs near you? Incorporate some other training too that targets your glutes and thighs. Good luck 👍

  • I find measuring a run by distance off-putting. It's hilly here, so a 5K can take widely varying amounts of time. But if I know I can stop after 45 mins, however far I've travelled, I don't beat myself up so much for not covering a certain distance.

  • Unfortunately the nearest ParkRun to me is France or Denmark so not really an option.

    My pace is comfortably slow (around 7.50-8min/km) and can sustain that for quite a bit so was looking more for the distance initially. But I agree, with the notes that everyone has put on here, to do R1 as 5km normal speed, R2 'the long run', R3 as 4km and maybe try and increase the speed on that one.

  • One extremely important point to know is what is happening to your pumping station. The muscle in your chest. Without knowing what your heart is doing you are going no where. Therefore take any of your runs and check the average bmp overy the route. Every week for that particular route you should be able to do it faster at the same or lower bmp. It's amazing to see how the heart rate decline's over time. One can make the heart rate into an index or number of beats per km. If your heart rate is not declining you could be over training. This was something I only discovered in the last eight months. Since tracking my heart rate I have improved dramatically in my times.

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