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Adidas City Run Shoreditch 10k

Adidas City Run Shoreditch 10k

Evening all.

So did the first adidas City Run today.

A really well run event and great pre race day support (training sessions offers)

Race pack arrived with time chip for on trainers,running t shirt with race number to encourage you to wear it so you can find yourself in the free photo.

Me and Kev made our way to Shoreditch Park,event village was really good.

Tom Daley was on hand for a mini warm,sadly not the best as walking to start and runners all around.

Route was through the streets of Shoreditch, Hackney Dalston and Hoxton.Residential roads and housing/flats estate,bit in Hoxton Market but this is mainly cobbled.

Is the first race that I haven't enjoyed...think due to twisting turning route.

They are planning 4 races next year in other areas in London....will be interesting to see where but wouldn't do Shoreditch again.

On a positive note sub 1:10:00 which is awesome as I ached from the first KM and hubby on way back from injury and man-flu.

Now to train for our final Nuclear Races OCR in will be bloody cold.

Happy Running x

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Congratulations on such a great time especially as you were in some pain and were not loving the race itself. Best of luck in your November races. Here's hoping they are more fun. Try to stay warm!


So much about this sounds great - the training sessions, the t-shirts, the bling. Such a shame the route wasn't as good. Cobbles! Fancy sending you over cobbles :O

Well done on your time though and good luck for your November races! x

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Thanks x


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