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C25k back to the start....

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So having graduated the 5k in around 35 mins which is ok for me for now, I’m working up to the 10k at any pace. However I do want to work on interesting the 5k so I’ve gone back to the start of C25k but as interval training

So now my week is 1 5k banker at Parkrun, 1 slow and steady increasing distance, 10% increments, and 1 interval run and will now be interspersing swimming as need to increase VMO strength.

The early weeks are fine as intervals but obviously not the later ones. Has anyone used them to help with their own speed training? I have to have someone telling me I’m great to be able to get motivated when I’ve had a bad day at work and me and Laura click so I thought it should work but would appreciate feedback

BTW 10k is mid Nov at Brighton

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If you like intervals the nhs C25k+ podcasts might be up your alley. Stepping stones is all intervals. There is also a speed and a stamina podcast. I used stamina extensively after graduating c25k. And if you are interested, zen labs does a c210k app (was free not sure if its fully free still) that you can start training halfway through on if you are a c25k grad. Thats what I am doing now. My last week is next week and so far it has been very manageable. Best of luck with your training and let us know how you are managing!

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I use week 1 of c25k for interval training - and occasionally week 2. "Speed" from the c25k+ series is also excellent, but a lot shorter. Have fun!

I often use week one or two as interval sessions. Particularly good if you only have limited time to be out for a run 👍🏼

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Definitely the C25K+ podcasts if you like Laura. Her reassuring voice kept me going after I had graduated, and I still use those now - in fact, I have a biggish event coming up and she has kept me company and on track, if you'll pardon the expression, over the last few weeks. Stepping Stone and Stamina are great, Speed is short and a killer. However, there are mixed reactions to the + podcasts, with some people saying that they are far too slow. It must depend on your length of stride. Also, I find it hard to get all my legs in gear and coordinated with my ears so I find myself counting madly out loud: 'One two, oh, no, hang on, one two two, oh dammit, one two three four YES! oh bugger one two three two no four one one what? one two three four one two three four ha! oh...'

Good luck!

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