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Runner of the month at my local parkrun

I run/walk my way 5k round my local parkrun, usually near the back and around the 40 min time. Well this week I was awarded runner of the month for my efforts. At 65 it took me back to my school days over 50-60 years ago as I was always entering sports events but usually came fourth or lower.

1st in district school potato race in 1963

1ST IN JAVELIN around 1966 my only wins

I always wanted to be a runner but never followed my dream until last year , started c25k and joined parkrun.

Only run the whole 5k once , but due to pushing myself too fast to run 10k and hurting my knees I now run/walk the 5k.

Doing my 45th parkrun at the weekend and get so much out of it I will still follow my dream, but slower , I have waited this long to be called a runner , this award has boosted my resolve, thank you c25k and parkrun.

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This because parkrun is so so so much more than simply running and/or running fast!!! I'm not sure it was ever designed to be like this but it certainly has evolved this way :) Many congratulations to you :)


Many Congratulations - well deserved I am sure!!


Wahay! Congratulations πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸƒβ€β™€οΈβœ”οΈπŸ‘ Parkrun is brilliant! It's a great environment for all runners isn't it πŸ˜ƒ


Fabulous post and pikkie too... Hello!

Huge congratulations :) A real accolade and well deserved too!


Well done.

I think that illustrates the wonderful inclusivity of parkrun.


It takes guts, dedication, determination and sacrifice to run.

And you, Dear Lady, are certainly a Runner.

Congratulations on a well earned and richly deserved award :)


Well getting that award made me want to see how far I could get without stopping. Cannot believe I did the whole 5k............slow but felt great, I didn't even care that was nowhere near a PB as at 44.46 I was 44seconds faster than last time I ran every step. Runner of the month award you inspired me.


Fan-bloomin-tastic. :-)


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