8.5miles done but my toe has a second head!

8.5miles done but my toe has a second head!

So today in my quest to get to 10 miles, my asics plan said 8.5 miles today in the rain please. What! I have only got up to 7 or so miles. Full of gremlins i donned my t shirt and leggings and psyched myself up for a solo long run with squally storms forecast. Off I went, so far the sun was shining. In my head the route was split into segments. The first 1.5 mile segment was littered with the achy ankle gremlin who finally got kicked into the hedgerow. The next 1.5 miles was horizontal rain with no where to shelter so turn up the music and embrace the wet! Finally the sun broke through and the rain gremlins was burnt away. Finally I felt a smile on my face for a while pacing nicely along the university residential streets. The hill loomed and off I went, relaxing and going in short steps managing all in one go, fabulous. Off round the university to oh smell the coffee at Costa, I drooled for a cake. No I must focus as I came up to 6 miles and a short stop for the crossing, Haribo time! My goodness Haribo are hard to chew lol. Off again across the common and down towards the sports centre where there is a lovely downhill. My toe gremlin has turned up, bother. I decide I will carry on despite my toe. At 7 miles up another hill my legs are feeling tired, all muscle groups quads, hamstrings and glutes. Guess they need more work. Down past the junior school and my kids are not on lunch yet, all is quiet. Round a corner and up a long road, this incline is small but my legs are tired. We get there and cross the road for a downhill stretch back home. I am tired, I have dried out and my toe has a second head! Not a bad run, my furthest yet of 8.6 miles in 1hr 28 min. What to do with my toe, I have never had blisters but never run this far. I will have to pop it and strap it but I need to run, help!

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  • Brilliant run!

    Mr SC always slathers his toes in Sudocrem when he goes out for his longer runs (or Vaseline) - it seems to work for him. I've not got onto the longer runs yet (7.3k being my furthest to date).

  • I may have to try Vaseline lol. Not sure I fancy slimy toes but that may be better than two headed toes!

  • Oh ouch!!!! That made me wince!

    A super run and a super post... please take care of that blister... eeek!

  • My legs were tired but I suppose that is normal when increasing distance, I cannot remember the 5k to 10k transition.

    My blister is getting the best blister plasters on offer lol. I just don't know how it is happening only that it has happened over longer distances.

  • Well done on the run but 😩 for the blister. I've heard you shouldn't burst them as it can spread infection but I've never had one so can't give you personal advice. I've heard those compeed plasters are great for blisters. Ask at your local chemist.

  • I have some compeed now but I don't know how to prevent this from happening again 😕

  • There's clearly some friction that is causing the blister. Do you feel it when you run? Perhaps it's the nail from the next toe? I have a friction point that is caused by that and I have to make sure the nail is kept short all the time. Perhaps there's rubbing from the sock or shoe. It's got to be one of those.

  • I have same with a neighbouring toe nail.... have to keep it short. If you dont fancy vaseline Body Glide is far less greasy but works great. I use it for all new shoes not just running. Its also more expensive.

    A great run!

  • Thank you I will look into this. I am feeling tired today which I guess is normal.

  • I havnt transition to 10m yet but I guess tired is likely! You just need to monitor all activities not just the extra running, and balance things accordingly I would say. You have a busy family life to fit in too. You are doing great!

  • Ouch, that looks nasty. Did your feet get wet from a puddle perhaps? What socks do you use? Lots of people use the Hilly double layer socks but I find it's easy to put a toe hole in the inner layer. My personal favourites are thorlo pad socks, particularly the Experia. Thorlo.com is the manufacturer's website but it only sells from the site within the USA. If you find the right sock you can then usually easily source it on Amazon or other UK sites or buy it in a sports shop.

  • I use hilly twin skins. I did a 7.3 mile run on Thursday and had a small blister in the same place. Today I switched into my new hilly twin skins and my newer version of trainers, ran 8.6 miles and felt it start at 6.5 miles. It is the longer distance but why I don't know. If one toe rubs on the other I don't know how to fix that lol. Maybe new trainers in case it is related to that.

  • I wouldn't pop it! I never do ! I have my usual soak in a hot bath, preferably with epsom salts

    I'd only put a plaster over it when I needed to put a shoe on

    You could put a smear if vaseline on it

    Before you run again apply clean plaster then soak that off in the bath post run. they soon dry up if you don't mess with them

    When it's healed be sure to apply plenty of vaseline to your toe ends, and in between them, before you run. I get that scenario on my 3rd toe ☺

  • Does the Vaseline on the toes work misswobble ?

  • I use vaseline on my toes - my second toe on my right foot is slightly longer than the big toe so it seems to get more bumps and friction. Just put a big wadge of vaseline on. It moves around the area as you run. Like oil in a car engine :)

  • Same toe but second one on my left foot. I will try slathering with Vaseline once the blister has gone. Until then I will try running with a plaster on it to avoid popping or enlarging the existing blister! Fortunately I don't really feel it walking about in my normal shoes.

  • I use savlon on new blisters...massage in often 👍🏼

  • It prevents friction supposedly. I use Vaseline on the ends of my toes, between my toes and under my big toe and on my Achilles where the back of my shoe tends to rub. It's all on one foot that I get problems if i don't

    It's not sticky or uncomfy. I get a biggish tub from Wilko

  • OW!!!

    You're not supposed to pop them though.

  • I haven't popped it but it may have gone under the blister plaster as it seems to ooze. I am leaving well alone!

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