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MyAsics Plan Intervals?

Hi again. I'm after advice re. a MyAsics Plan pls. (I've know there have been similar posts in the past so apologies if I've just failed to see the answer there).

My plan shows a 2m Interval training session at a speed of 10.07-10.58 mins/mile. The instructions are 'This is an interval training. Run 1km intervals at a consistently fast pace, and then jog for 2-5 minutes. If you need more time to recover, take it. But don't be tempted to walk, keep running even if it's slow."

Does this mean that the 10.07 -10.58 is the average across both the fast and slow bits or is it the target for the fast bits? I did this today and didn't prepare well - I set up the intervals on my watch but didn't set up alerts to slow down if I was running too fast. As a result I ended up doing the 1km fast bits too fast (between 9min and 9.5min/miles) but was too worn out to jog in between so I walked those bits. As a result the average is about 11 minute miles.

If I take my watch's recorded times for the 2miles of faster running it would be significantly faster (but that would seem weird as MyAsics presumably can't assume everyone records the run on another device. I may just have answered my own question!).

Any advice from an experienced MyAsics plan follower gratefully received. I think the lesson to myself is probably to slow down the fast bits to build up my endurance to jog the slow bits but it would be nice to get that confirmed.

Thank you.

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They will have given you a target time for the whole session if you have a look. So I would,say those times you give are for the fast bits, aiming somewhere between the two

Don't worry. Do what you can. The plan will be tweaked by myasics according to your feedback 🙂

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Depending on what running watch you have? or running App on a phone - when I need to run (say) klm long intervals with a jog or walk rest inbetween running segments, I set the watch to show AVERAGE pace and a few quick looks at the watch as I run allows me to see that I have run at approx the desired pace - then , after the first short rest jogging bit, I look to see what average pace i have done overall - and basically then run/jog so that that first average pace is maintained for the complete exercise. I have now found also that I can start a timer on the watch for each running segment which also shows average pace just for that particular running segment. Running watches are ideal tools to use when running repeats or intervals.

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Thanks - mine's a Garmin forerunner 220. I'll go back to the manual as there may be functionality I haven't discovered yet then; I've been using it in a very routine way until now.


Yes - I also have the FR220. I just got back from running a set of 440 metre intervals. I set the watch to show AVERAGE PACE, TIME ELAPSED and LAP PACE . I pushed the LAP button at the start and end of each 440 metre running interval and walked between runs. This way the watch showed me when I had done 30 minutes of workout, my overall pace for the entire time and as I ran each running interval the average pace for that particular interval. So long as I can complete the number of repeats that I want to do, and the pace for each running segment is equal to or faster than a certain pace ( as determined by the Jack Daniels calculator - in my case 5:45 mins per k today) - I am happy!! :)


You should be happy with that time! Well done! Thanks for the advice. I'm off to investigate my watch a bit more.


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