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Wonky Fitbit?

So I had to delete all of my recorded runs this morning because my Fitbit app has gone completely wonky. I don't know what happened but instead of Recording my 35 minute run it recorded three separate runs instead. And it would not show pace or distance. Just time and heart rate. I have a race on Sunday and I'm not sure what the heck this thing is going to record!

Was working fine up until yesterday when I installed Runkeeper. I have since removed it and hopefully that may solve the problem. It's also entirely possible that I may have accidentally started recording when I woke up and then actually switched it off when I thought I was turning it on to record the run!

The run itself went well and I think the pace and distance we're good, but I have no record of it πŸ˜€ Getting cooler here - around 10 degrees this morn. Long sleeves and track pants weather for me

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Oh no!

The first time I tried using my Garmin I ended up doing a run that started on Saturday and ended on Sunday because I got in a tangle with the reset button 😲

Good luck for tomorrow


Oh wow that would be quite a run! I suspect I may have accidentally pushed the button when I woke which just messed all the other instances up. πŸ˜€ Was thinking about a Garmin. Going to give Fitbit another chance this week as all my run data is with them since I began.

Thanks, I am looking forward to it! Just picked up the racekit today!

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I, apparently, did a KM in 4 minutes this morning. The reality was more than double that!


Haha maybe we should ditch the electronics and just use a stopwatch!


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