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This has been pinched from PippiRuns , so I hope she won't mind me borrowing it! I was wondering where my Danish friend is and looked at one of her latest posts on the weight loss forum, where she mentions a "Cooper test". You run as far as you can in 12 minutes and it tells you things about yourself ( - hope the link works!).

Well I had to do that this morning, didn't I? I was pleased to be comfortably placed in the above average group for my age, but have a lot of work to do if I want to get really good! Oh and my watch told me I got a new record for 1km (although it told me that 6 weeks ago aswell and promptly lost it!).

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  • That looks very interesting.. the link did not work for me..but I found it anyway??

    I linked it again... ( Probably my comp) :)

    Do you have to run as fast as you can... did you start slow and build up? I love how it just has 50 upwards on the chart :)

    Thanks for that... probably not a good thing for me to try until I have a few more post IC walk runs under my belt :) x

  • It was a bit of a spontaneous decision and I'd already started running. So I ran 12 mins at normal easy pace, as a kind of benchmark. Noted the distance at 12 mins and speeded up for the next 12 mins. I did push myself because I wanted to see how far I could get. At 24 mins I noted the distance again, walked a bit to get my breath back and then did a final 6 mins to bring me up to 30 mins. Cos a run doesn't count if it's under 30 mins - does it? 😂 I ran further than I thought I could. If you're doing 5k in under 30 mins you'll probably get into the excellent range for our age group (I'm in the same group as you - ha, ha!). They obviously don't expect 60 year olds to be running - a bit ageist really!

    But get back to full strength before you push yourself! Have fun!

  • Wow well done! Sounds like you would have done much better as it says do it on track and you'd done 12 mins already!

  • I'm on holiday in the county side - no Wi-Fi and very often no signal on my phone 😊 I don't mind at all . Good to hear that you are comfortably in the above average category. 💪

  • I thought you might be on holiday. Rafting or something crazy, probably!

    Have a great time, get some running in and come back fit, relaxed and raring to go!

  • That's interesting, Thankyou Jaysee and Iben! Gonna give this a go next time I'm on a treadmill. In 8 months everything gets 100m easier for me :D If I plug in my parkrun stuff the VO2 Max matches roughly my watch

  • I remember doing a Cooper test in school when I was 12 or 13. Absolutely hated it. I make the sign of the cross whenever I pass a Mini Cooper on the roads these days, that's how much I hated it!

  • But now you would ace it!

  • hahaha, in my dreams! I did the Strava 1-mile thing last month, and it absolutely killed me

  • How interesting, thanks for posting link ☺

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