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First Parkrun

I did my first Parkrun today at Brundall, with my 60something year old friend. Had a great time and everybody was really friendly, especially the people with the dogs and the lady who had run 100+ marathons!

I haven't run with people since a Race for Life years and years ago (wish I could remember my time) and it was really strange. Everybody headed off like a bat out of Hell then a large proportion slowed down! It did feel good passing people though... well, not that many people.

The only thing that spoilt it a bit was that I seem to have developed a urine retention issue! Been googling solutions and preventative measures but really not sure what to try for next week's 10km.

Unfortunately my printer ran out of ink and I couldn't print my barcode last night so I don't get an official time but my own timing says it was my fastest 5km :-)

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Well done on your first Parkrun. Pity you didn't have your Membership number with you, you could have given it to the communications Volunteer with the clip board and they would have taken your number and matched to your finish token so as to give you your finish time. But always better to have your barcode.

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Yes, I was told that by the race director. It never even crossed my mind. For printer ink now so will print out several copies and locate them in useful places.

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