A more positive post :)

After my sorry run last Friday Paul46-ipswich and I went out for a long run yesterday morning before it got too hot! Paul had suggested trying out Jeffing and, as he's the one with the clever phone, he got an app sorted to tell us when to run and when to walk. We did 90seconds running and 30 seconds walking, well most of the time anyway as we ran through a few rests and walked sometimes when we should have been running! It turned out to be a brilliant idea, we ended up doing a 13.25k route(which is the longest I've ever done!) and at a pace at least 20 seconds faster per k than our last 12k run together-result!! I felt much better at the end of the run than on my previous long runs and am now wondering how far I could go doing this technique.

I've now discovered my watch will do run walk intervals so I'm going to play around with that a bit.

So a positive end to the week and a better post than my last one :) Have a great week everyone!

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  • Sounds great, and well done on your distance pb :)

  • Jeffing is a great way to get to long distances. Without knackering yourself too much!

  • Brilliant! I'm glad you felt happier, and what a difference 12 seconds per k will make! Congrats also on your distance PB :)

  • Jeffing? I have not heard this term....sounds like a good technique and interesting that your pace was quicker. I have experimented with interval training but never for a long distance - maybe something to try? Well done on completing 13.25k - fantastic :)

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