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First run on holiday

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Went out for a trot this morning to explore the area a bit and enjoy the morning sun in Portugal. The tracks are rough, there are many hills, but also every field seems to have a track around it so the running and exploring possibilities are almost endless. I need to hone my orienteering skills and identify a few local landmarks, but I love doing that. I managed to find the nearest village but will leave the exploring till later, we have 2 weeks for me to steadily range out!

So only about 5k in just over 40 mins, but the terrain is "challenging" and I need to keep my wits about me. I don't like the dogs, they're all tied up or fenced in, but they sound as if they'd tear your throats out if they managed to get free. And I can't sprint that fast! I ran through vinyards, past copses of eucalyptus trees, along tracks next to dusty fields, past water reservoirs and saw cats, dogs and a couple of farmers.

I don't want to overdo it, but the couple we're on holiday with have just started running (and said they'd go with me). They copped out this morning but inspired by my enthusiasm they want to go tomorrow, so I'll just have to accompany them, won't I? For a recovery run.

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Fabulous!!!!! Lucky you.... :)

Just my kind of run it sounds absolutely great, apart from the dogs..eekkk!

Cannot wait for your next post... just take it does look challenging!

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Sounds absolutely wonderful. Have a smashing holiday, and if you keep sounding upbeat about it, they will eventually want to tag along.

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Gorgeous 😎

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That looks and sounds great! Enjoy exploring...and go easy with your "new runner" friends!🙂🏃🏽‍♀️

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JaySeeSkinnyGraduate10 in reply to Sandraj39

I will - I keep telling them I'm very slow and they really shouldn't worry. We'll only be going out for 20 mins.

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How lovely. I adore Portugal. We're going to Porto in October for 5 nights, not quite so rural but packing my runners and can't wait to run by the sea. Have a glorious holiday.

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Very hot as well I should think, looks gorgeous.

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It's always joyful to run on holiday, but I don't fancy those dogs getting out. Although you'd probably get a really fast time 😏

Enjoy your holiday JSS.

Enjoy Jaysee. No dogs soundtrack from where I'm looking so that track looks absolutely blissful to me. When I first started running trails my ankles ended up killing me so don't worry about time. It's a shock to the system dealing with uneven paths like that so just take it slow. I imagine it's not so much speed you're interested in though so much as going further, perhaps exploring that village. Happy travels :)

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Ooh how exciting! Love exploring new routes 😃 Keep an eye on landmarks as you have to find your way back!

have fun 😃

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JaySeeSkinnyGraduate10 in reply to misswobble

I'm getting good at the landmarks - I love it too!

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Beautiful. I was running in Portugal last November - which area are you in? Very hot. We also had massive dogs accompanying us frequently - they seem to be everywhere in those fields. All were very friendly.

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JaySeeSkinnyGraduate10 in reply to runswithdogs

We're north of Lisbon, Torres Vedras is the nearest larger town. Old farmhouse on the top of a hill, pretty much in the middle of nowhere! It's great!

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When we went to Portugal there was a posse of dogs who,hung out together and they would go with you for a walk. They were fine. I assume they were owned as they looked ok.

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