Getting faster is sooo slow

I'm using the Audio Fuel interval training downloads, which I cope with pretty well but they don't seem to be resulting in faster times overall - especially in Park Runs. Everyone says interval training is a really quick way to improve - but not for me, it seems. I've been running for a year and I'm 59 and three quarters. Is it just my age?!

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  • Hi doogaloo (like your name!)

    I have been running for 18 months, bit younger than you but also not much improvement in pace (unless going downhill or pulled by the dog!). I think without professional advice on techniques and suitable training plans I am unlikely to make much improvement. Would be nice to do a sub 30mins 5k though 😉 I also find it very difficult to maintain consistency due to work commitments so some weeks I might not run at all, or just a little jog. Perhaps running with others might help? Have you a local running club? All the best

  • thanks. all good thoughts. am thinking about a coach or club.

  • Are you really pushing yourself in the intervals? Are you running three times per week?

    Effort and consistency is normally rewarded with faster times as your body becomes more efficient.

  • It's taken me ages to even properly manage interval running. I found running further led to faster times at parkrun. Knowing I could run 10k gave me the confidence to do the shorter runs in a greater range of ways. Now I'm finally able to do intervals and I'm able to respect that running fast then slow, consistently, takes a lot of stamina. If you're mastering these sorts of interval runs and not seeing an improvement in speed then I'm surprised, as I found things like the c25k+ speed podcast really difficult straight from c25k. All I can suggest is maybe you need to also build up stamina over long distances too. Love your name too by the way. And if it helps I've been running just over 2 years and am 37... Plenty of runners in your age range run faster than me at parkrun though...

  • thanks, that may be really good advice. which podcast do you use to build up to do 10k?

  • I didn't use a podcast just took my time and slowly consolidated my 5k running, gradually added distance, played around with c25k+ podcasts, listened to c25k's week 9 podcast over and over, eventually found certain albums with a good rhythm that suits my running, Stone Roses, War on Drugs, Bat for Lashes, discovered parkrun... But if you want a specific programme there are many available.

  • I also haven't found intervals have given me more speed, I think I'm going as fast as I can already, but I really enjoy them! Which podcast did you get? I love Audiofuel.

  • Wow what a comfort. i wonder what's wrong with us?! i'm on the second interval training one which takes about 30 mins. i find it much easier than i anticipated. It's all very weird

  • There isn't anything wrong with us! I have got loads faster since I started, I started from a very low base lol! I think I've peaked, I'm happy with my running. I'm built for comfort not speed!

    Some people say short fast runs will get you moving, some that longer slower runs will get your pace up over short runs. Have you tried all that too?

  • Short dashes between lamp posts or trees, shrubs or bins.! 30 second all out charge. Do some of those as part of your planned runs. Running fast 1k or 3ks got me running quicker, but I did the dashes for ages. You could choose a fast fave track and run as fast as you can to the chorus, or of much of it as you can. Choose a lamp post up ahead -or a tree if you are hiding out in the woods - and then run to it hell for leather. It's posh name is Fartlek 😃

    You have to be stronger to be faster. Running legs get built over time. Cross training will help with that, so,cycle, walk, swim, gum, home exercise etc

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