Slow down to go faster

Slow down to go faster

This is very strange, normally when i run i go into the red heart rate zone which for me is over 170 on my Garmin watch , i get winded and its tough so after a recent bout of flu i decided to go out and stay in the "threshold" range , so around 168.

It's weird I'm running faster, my times are dropping, i could hold a conversation and i feel like i could just keep going. Has anyone else found this or have an explanation.

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  • I'm sure Bazza1234 could explain it to you. He's got all the technical stuff sussed and is doing slow runs himself at the moment. Take a look at a few of his posts.

  • I find psychologically trying to keep my pace low results in better times and "negative splits" on my laps. So maybe it's to do with the fact you're easing up to speed more gradually? I consider it a sort of a warming up while running... Do you have some split stats you can compare between a recent below threshold run and a pre-flu higher heart rate run? The answer might be there...

  • Sounds like HR training? And well done you 😎

  • I found I got a lot quicker after my first 10k Asics plan which seemed to involve lots and lots of very slow running. At the time I got quite anxious that I'd never run quickly again, but in the end the plan worked a treat. The way you're running now will really help you with your HM in September

  • Hi there just completed C25k on Monday and to celebrate it and my 51st birthday I ran a very slow 10k... as many replies here pointed out that was not a very good idea but i was mega slow and got away with it. I am now in the where next frame of mind. Have done a couple of park runs but you mention 10k Asics. After reading your post I googled it but am interested in your views, experience opinion etc. thanks john

  • Hi John I used the basic bupa 10 mile training plan from internet then after that 10 mile race i switched to myasics and it's great so far.

  • Thanks Paul. Like so many who have done C25K I am way off 5k in 30min it really should be C230min but that hasn't got the same ring to it. i really enjoyed... well perhaps enjoy isn't the correct word ... the structure of C25K and I need something to keep me going.. apart from the nagging of my family. . Ill have a look at the Bupa plan aswell.

    happy running John


    Have a read of this post I wrote towards the end of last year describing my very positive experiences with a personalised Asics plan. I'm now on my 4th plan (10miles) and can't praise them highly enough.

  • Have a Google about aerobic and anaerobic training. Keeping your heart in the aerobic zone is very good for your running base and most of your running should be in this zone. Also take a look at MAF training. When you are running in the "Red" zone you won't be able to maintain this for more than a short time.

  • Simple explanation really - you are getting fitter! :) -- and perhaps your recent bout of flu provided you with a period of "rest" . I just spent 9 days on a cruise ship - eating and drinking - (not to excess but more than I would be doing at home) and no running at all and then cut almost 10 minutes of my HM PB two days after our return home. :)

  • Done it again, today's run i stayed in the "Threshold" zone and did 3 PB's fastest km, fastest mile and fastest 10k

  • Interesting Paul46-ipswich! My garmin doesn't give me any heart rate info so I've no idea what zone I am in. I am not sure I understand the technicalities of it all tbh but sounds like it's working for you so maybe it's something I should follow up :)

  • If you ever want to borrow my watch for a few days for a play let me know.

  • How did you get yours set up? I remember when DH was setting up his garmin for cycling he either wore his HR monitor at night or when he first got up to set his resting heart rate!

  • It just did it itself by wearing it all the time

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