New PB round Lyme Park! 32:19

Being the Bank Holiday weekend I was free from my regular routine of taking my son to Rugby Tots on a Sat morning so decided to run the Lyme Park Parkrun.

Gauging from my effort I suspected I'd gone out a bit too fast at the start but that didn't stop a runner pushing a buggy past me! :o Settled down into a "comfortable but hard" effort and relaxed into the run and was hoping to catch a veteran runner, who was occasionally taking a breather on the ascents, at the end where the course finishes with a gradual up grade of about 7% on average. Alas whilst my quarry was in sight my legs just didn't have much left in them and I got myself home in a time of 32:19. Still I beat my previous time by 8secs :)

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  • Well done on the personal best. I read somewhere that a good method for catching another runner is to imagine a rope tied to their waist and it's pulling you closer and closer to them. When you pass then, you just lasso another runner and let them winch you onwards.

    I haven't tried it with runners as I don't seem to come across many going the same direction as me, but it also works with hills - lasso something at the top of the hill and let it pull you up.

  • It sounds like you gave it your all with no effort gone to waste. It's good to know what's possible when you really push yourself. Sounds like a hilly but enjoyable course :)

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