Promise not to tell me off?

Oldfloss, skyesue16 I'm looking at you. runfasterdoyle this is why I was laughing so hard at your suggestion!

I.. uh... ran Week 4, Run 3 tonight (I just got home) - so that's 45 minutes no stopping. Um, yes, I know my toe is injured and I know I ran yesterday. 😳

In my defence, my run yesterday was in the morning (about 7:30am) before the injured toe. And the injured toe has been pretty okay today. Even though it looks yucky.

And this evening the weather went all cool and foggy, and I had an errand to run that involved me driving past the river where I run, and tomorrow it might be hot and muggy again, and... and...

I just thought I'd go for a gentle jog thinking that if my toe hurt or my body complained I'd stop. But I also set MapMyFitness to tell me when 45minutes was up, on the basis that IF I could keep going it would be good to have something to aim for.

45 minutes later I'd run 6k!

I do solemnly swear that tomorrow will be a rest day!

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  • Ha, ha....naughty, naughty! Sounds a bit like me, running in my walking boots and pouring rain when I had only gone for a short dog walk! This running thing really does become addictive ;) definitely a rest day tomorrow :)

  • Honest Injun. Officially, I am helping a friend do some tidying up in the field she keeps her horses in. It's normally more like a glorified love in with the animals though 😆

  • As a graduate you're allowed to run on consecutive days, if you don't overdo it. So no telling off! Just listen to your body🏃🏋🏻

  • But I'm only a 5k Graduate, does that still count?

  • Yes. But use this super-power wisely.

  • Is that a panda that has sneezed??

  • A new-born panda in an incubator. They sleep just like a new-born (human) baby with arms above their heads. Chengdu, China, 2014.

    I can't claim to be as cute, but I'm as sleepy :-)

  • Cute!

  • We can??? :)

  • Whether it is sensible or not is another matter! I do it quite regularly as I try to fit 4 runs in every week - and it doesn't work on the 2nd week without consecutive runs. So I do a short fast run and a longer, slower one back to back. Works for me!

  • Over the winter I've sometimes done a beginners' Canicross run on a Sunday morning and a different Canicross run on a Monday evening. But they were both stop start sessions to accommodate the pace of the slowest runner.

    If I ever do 4 a week intentionally I'd definitely rather do the long run that's the end of one week followed by the short that's the start of the next week.

  • I do my long run (anything from 7 to 21 k!) at the weekend and 3 shorter runs during the week. One of those runs will be an interval run, fast and sharp, about 20-25 mins. The others will be 5 or 6k, sometimes even 7. But taken quite slowly. I've upped my mileage recently so I have plenty of options to play around with!

  • Wowser! I'm still measuring my long runs by time rather than distance.

    I think my limit will be half marathon distance, but time will tell!

  • I'm not sure I'll be doing much more. And to be honest I've only done it once!

  • Nooooooo! No telling me off. 😧

  • Haha, it's funny how those feet just find those running shoes and off they go! I am surprised the toe didn't complain lots but glad you got out with it. Nothing worse than being on the couch!

  • I was surprised it didn't really hurt. It was a very pleasant surprise.

  • Very lucky indeed! Can you pass some my way to get rid of this cold/flu virus thingy?

  • Sure thing 🍀🍀🍀🍀

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