Best canaine running buddy?

Best canaine running buddy?

My chubby Jack Russell loves a walk but spends more time sniffing and weeding than he does running. Bless him, he also has a heart murmur so I just couldn't run with him, he didn't ask for it, even though I enjoy it. Those of you who run with their dog, what breed is your running friend and why do you think they are great running pals. Here is Max by the way, I am a firm doggie fan and don't hesitate to stop and stroke doggies on the way round if I get the chance!

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  • My running buddy is a three year old (well nearly!) Springer spaniel Mr. Squiggs - short for Squiggles, name given to him in his previous home ;). He LOVES running but not always in the same direction as me!! Hence the recent experimentation with attaching him to me. :)

  • Springer Spaniel would be perfect for long runs! How did the "experiment" work out?? LOL

  • Really good thank you. I am using a climbing harness until I can get a proper Canicross one. He runs out in front very well and stops when I say 'whoa'! My pace is certainly quicker when he pulls ;)

  • I've started to take my collie with me now I'm hitting the long runs, she'd like to run faster and further but great company.

  • Awww Max is a cutie 😍

    Pretty sure you know what I run with: the Bella Spanner and the Taylor Beagle. But I really did love running with Bella the English Pointer the other week - I felt like I could go for miles...

  • Spoonie on here used to run with her springer and tell us all about their adventures.

    Jack's have small hearts, and while they can run fast in short spurts, they're not distance runners.

    I jog with a dog when he feels like it, but it's on his walks, rather than on my runs. He's a French basset hound

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