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Still finding my way as a runner - I know it is now part of who I am, I know it takes me about 10 minutes until I start enjoying it and I know I am fairly slow (4k in 30min barely). I was curious to hear your opinions about what is your favorite distance for a run. I heard somewhere that the real fun begins when you reach at least 45 minutes of running. Please share your experience.

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  • I'm somewhat where you are. Last run I did 4km in 28minutes and I felt great!

    Usually I start enjoying it after the 1st km, but by the 5th I'm beat. Lots to grow still.

    What I enjoy most is that every run I'm a little bit better.

  • I had to run very slowly this morning because I was worried about my knees, but the result was that by the end of the 4 km I felt like I could go on and on and on. I have been a bit obsessed with speed lately, but I think I will let it go for a while and just enjoy my runs...

  • The joy starts for me when I am in the pub after a few beers looking back at the run I have done.

  • A 10 to 12k run is my favourite, simply because there is no need for special preparation nor any need to carry fuel or water, but is long enough to actually go somewhere, without taking up too much time and without leaving me feeling exhausted all day afterwards. I enjoy this distance both in the lanes and fields around my home, but even more so when exploring somewhere much more fun than walking.

    Longer runs than that require fuel and fluids for topping up and I have never got that aspect satisfactorily sorted.

  • I never thought about the practical considerations of a longer run...I suppose those are quite important. Where I live now, I will soon I have to carry water with me on runs anyway, but certainly I am not interested in becoming exhausted all day!

    I agree with you about new places, even with shorter runs, running is such a great way to explore you surroundings, and I love scrolling through the list of little maps of the routes I have run so far and seeing all the territories I 'conquered' with my feet.

  • 16k, 10 miles. Far enough to settle in properly.

  • I hope to find out one day...

  • The 5k Parkrun is a distance I enjoy atm as it doesn't take too much out of my day with family commitments etc. Currently in training for another 10k in June and after a few niggles early this year I seem to have, (fingers crossed, touched wood etc), feel good about tackling the distance again. I'm sure in time the longer runs will be more appealing but I'm not ready to commit to those yet.

  • Yes, 30 minute runs are easier on the schedule, and you can find a way to steal that time easily. Longer runs are trickier in that respect. Best of luck on your 10K!

  • I do wonder if this depends onwhere you are in your running journey.

    At one time I was delighted with a 3k. Now that is the least i will run, just out because I can squeeze a run in kind of thing. Then i favoured 5k, because i had extended and consolidated so it was a pleasure, disappointed if i only had time for a 3k (I am a slow runner).

    Now i like a 10k, just because I can. I have to fuel and water for a 10k although many others dont. But that is part of why i like it. A planned run, when, where, fuel, High5 etc.

    But i want to move to 10m, so i suspect when i can achieve that it will be my favorite......who knows?

    Thats part of the fun of being a runner! 🏃🏻‍♀️😀

  • Sounds like a delightful journey you are having! So far my experience has been similar - more is better, and less is disappointing. From some of the responses I got here I see that the limit may be when your runs are so demanding physically that they make you exhausted for the whole day. I can see that taking away from the fun of it. Luckily I am still far from that point. It seems like you are progressing gently, and taking care of fuel etc., so perhaps you cracked the code :-)

  • Thank you but I am still a novice. I have always built up slowly though, since a stint on the IC due to over enthusiasm (attempting to increase speed and distance together😩).

    I always ask for advice on this or B2 10k forum, and i am quite a reader, which is aiding my knowledge but a long way to go on that yet .

  • I felt similarly when l increased run lengths up to 18k being my longest, but as I said, never managed to get fuelling and hydration right, so always found energy levels plummeting after about 14k. Along with the increased injury risk and time lost through exhaustion, I have decided longer runs are to be rare events and am more than happy with my local 10-12k routes.

  • I suspect i will do very similar as I am so slow it is quite a lot of time out to train etc . But i will have at least one go.

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