Shiney new shoes

Had my new shoes delivered today. Lovely red and black asics. Same kind as I have been running in since my gait analysis.

I ordered 4 pairs from as they were massively reduced (i think they may be discontinued now hence the cheapness - that and there cannot be many of us size 13 runners out there)

Test drive tomorrow morning 💃

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  • Sounds like you've got a great bargain! You'll have to keep up the running then!😆

  • Indeed.

    Should keep me going for a bit. Hope my feet don't change :D

  • Where's the photo........? ☹️

  • I did try to post but have never quite figured out how to do that hence my profile pic. Does anyone have an idiots guide (for real idiots)

  • Once you have taken your photo and you write your post, go down to the bottom of your post (under the text box) and you should see the option to add a photo. Click on that and then go and find your gorgeous new shoes. I don't think you can add a photo to comments, so you'll have to start a new post - unless anyone can tell me differently (in which case I will be delighted!)

    Go and do it now, go on! Show us the shoes!

  • Oh gawddang! Where's the blimmin photo? Sulk!

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