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femur pain after running

Hi, i have started to have femur pain after running, best way to describe it is a dull pain in my left leg, i think i first noticed the pain around week 6, i tried ignoring it and running through it, but it just got worse, so i decided to stop running until the pain went away.

I work as a postie so do lots of walking and never had any issues of pain, and i used to run in the past, probably 3 years have past since i used to run often and without any issue like this, so i have been very confused as to what is going on.

Anyway it took about 9 days until the pain stopped, so i carried on with the couch25k program, and rejoined in the final week 9, i ran 2 x 5k, one of them being the graduation run, after that the pain came back again, i tried to run again 2 days later at my first Parkrun, but the pain became too much and i had to walk, limp the rest of the way.

Again i waited until the pain stopped, this time i waited about 2 weeks, then i joined the follow on group, i felt good and ended up running about 9k, i could feel a tinny bit of pain during the run, the next day it was very sore again.

So another 2 weeks without running, then again after running about 10k the pain is back again, with all the walking i do everyday this is very annoying, as i would of thought my legs would be in good condition, i guess my next option is to go and see a Physiotherapist for diagnostic

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I think you'd be very wise to go and see a professional, whether it's a physio, your GP or a chiropractor or osteopath. They'll be able to check you out and find out what's happening. Just one thought though - what shoes are you running in? Have you had a gait analysis? This made a huge difference for me. I hope you can get it sorted out.


i use omni 15, or speed cross 2's depending if im on or off road, after my run yesterday my leg was sore, hurts with every step, but after walking about 8.5 miles it doesn't feel that bad, im sure if i went for a run though it would be right back.

im just worried by the time i get to see someone the pains going to be almost gone again....


Could be a number of things like hip imbalance, a tight hip flexor and / or a tight tensor fascia latae or referred pain from a back issue etc, etc.

I pulled up during a squash game about 3 / 4 weeks back due to pain in my left hip caused by tight hip flexor and TFL as I sit down at a desk most days at work. Taken a lot of foam rolling self massage, rest, and strengthening exercises, (lateral leg raises and the clam exercise works for me in strengthening the weak gluteus medius), to alleviate the problem. I still get a bit of discomfort from time to time but it nowhere as bad as it was and I can keep running if I slow down my pace or stick to trails rather than the road. Like you say with walking I don't feel it at all.

Hope you get clear of your problem soon its annoying to say the least.

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